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Alipay upgraded service to help visually impaired users pay easily and won the Shanghai Social responsibility Outstanding case Award.

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On December 21, the 2023 Shanghai Internet Industry "Social responsibility and Social Welfare Outstanding case selection activity" was officially unveiled. Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. won the annual "Special contribution Award" to recognize Alipay's deep understanding and conscious commitment to social responsibility in serving the needs of the public. At the same time, Alipay upgrade service helps visually impaired users to make convenient payment, which is selected as the "Outstanding case Award".

This selection is under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Internet Information Office and initiated by the Shanghai Internet Industry Federation. It is produced through recruitment, primary selection, reevaluation and other links to encourage more enterprises to achieve both economic and social benefits. Among them, Alipay, which won two awards, upgraded its "barrier-free payment" service this year, making it convenient for visually impaired users to use mobile payment and facilitate their life and work.

Alipay added "voice input payment amount", which allows the visually impaired to say the payment amount to the mobile phone, helping to improve the input efficiency by four times. Innovative core technologies such as "uniform" and "voiceprint express payment" are further introduced. As a supplement to traditional digital passwords, visually impaired people can complete payment by hand and mouth, and there is a voice reading screen throughout the service. Ms. he, a visually impaired user in Shanghai, said after the experience: "it was not very convenient to enter a password in the past, but now Alipay can use voiceprints."

Prior to this, the Shanghai Internet Association also awarded the Digital Technology Innovation Award and the Suishen Outstanding practice Award to Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., commending barrier-free payment for helping to bridge the "digital divide".

It is reported that Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ant Group, founded in 2004, committed to the construction and development of open digital payment platform, adhering to the original idea of "payment for the people and service entity". Innovative payment services such as fast payment, bar code payment, facial scanning payment, QR code payment and foreigner payment have been innovated. Serve the digital payment needs in small-scale convenience scenarios such as business operation, convenient payment and transportation, provide payment service guarantee for more than 1 billion users and 80 million merchants, and promote the vigorous development of the real economy.

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