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Sony was fined 13.5 million euros by the French Competition Authority for "abusing its dominant position in the market".

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Thanks to netizen ArthurY, handwritten previous clue delivery!, December 21 (Xinhua)-- Sony has recently been fined 13.5 million euros ( Note: about 106 million yuan) by the French Competition Authority for "abusing its dominant position in the supply market", according to Reuters.

Sony was fined mainly because French handle maker Subsonic reported that Sony had been using "technical means" to prevent pirated handles from being connected to its PS4 since November 2015, but such actions affected third-party console handles licensed by Sony, which were prone to frequent disconnection problems when connecting to Sony consoles.

▲ Sony PS4 DualShock 4 handle, Tuyuan Soni online store learned that in addition to the reason that "game consoles are not friendly to third-party handles", Subsonic also claimed that Sony's handle licensing policy is not transparent, and many manufacturers cannot join Sony's OLP partner program, so there is no way to produce license handles for PS4 and PS5 game consoles.

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