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Epic plus one: 16 consecutive deliveries of new games, strategic category RPG "Mervor placement" free of charge

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Thanks to netizens who are all the same, Qing Huannian, Mr_AnQi, handwritten former, milk potato mps, Xiao Zhan cut, South China Daniel Wu's clue delivery!, December 22 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- with the opening of "16-day Christmas delivery", Epic's second mystery game has been announced, and this time it is a strategic role-playing game (SRPG) "Melvor Idle".

"Mervor Placement" went on sale on November 19, 2021, with a price of 42 yuan and supporting Chinese. There are 10418 reviews in Steam, 90% of which are well received and the overall "particularly favorable".

The following is the clue chart of the third free game of Epic. There are no revelations about this game yet. Let's take a guess.

Melvor Idle is a placement class / incremental game with rich content, a familiar atmosphere and a refreshing game experience. Proficient in more than 20 skills in Zen serenity.

Game introduction attached to

All the skills in the game are of practical use, and there are intricate and interesting effects between them. The effort you spend on one skill will help you improve in other areas. What strategy will you choose on the road to full skill level?

Don't think it's just logging, forging, cooking and farming: get ready for your well-honed click ability to use melee, long-range and magic skills against more than 100 monsters. Conquer the ruthless copy in an unprecedented way and defeat the attacking leader.

In addition to more than 20 skills that can be upgraded, the game also has offline progress, compatibility with cloud archiving, a built-in warehouse / inventory system and more.

Game features:

RuneScape-like game experience tailor-made for new and old players.

The deep and endless combat system will bring eight exclusive skills, a large number of copies and leaders waiting for you to conquer, as well as profound stories about the world.

The content-rich and easy-to-use game system will provide 15 non-combat skills for training, each with an independent mechanism and interaction with each other.

A complete warehouse / inventory system that can be operated.

More than 1100 items are waiting for you to find and use.

Pets with more than 40 kinds of favorite watches are waiting for you to collect.

Compatible with cloud archiving capabilities of all platforms.

Constantly update the expanded game experience.

Play this game requires a network connection, does not include any micro-trading system.

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