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Apple and Google work together to break down iOS and Android barriers and jointly regulate the use of trackers such as AirTag

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, Apple and Google cooperation, on December 20 released the "Find My Device Network" draft, hoping to further standardize the use of Bluetooth trackers.

Since Apple launched AirTag, the problem of tracker abuse has become increasingly acute, but the correlation between iOS and Android ecosystem is not strong, so it is difficult for consumers to realize whether they are being tracked.

For example, if someone is tracked by AirTag, if he/she uses an iPhone, he/she will receive relevant alerts; but if you use an Android phone, you may not be able to actively inform the user.

The original intention of this "Find My Device Network" draft is to break the barrier between iOS and Android. Whether it is iPhone or Android mobile phone users, if the mobile phone detects suspicious tracking devices nearby, it will actively inform users. attaches a draft address for interested users to read in depth.

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