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Samsung will spend 40 billion yen to build a factory in Japan, targeting cutting-edge chip packaging technology.

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Thanks to netizens OC_Formula and soft media users 1353584 for their clue delivery!, December 21, recently, Samsung announced that it will invest up to 40 billion yen ( Note: currently about 1.992 billion yuan) in Japan over the next five years to build an advanced chip research and development facility in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

It is reported that the R & D facility will focus on the research of cutting-edge chip packaging technology. As early as March this year, Samsung expressed its intention to build a chip packaging factory in Kanagawa to strengthen cooperation with Japanese chip equipment and materials manufacturers. Samsung already has an R & D center in the region, and the investment will further deepen its ties with the Japanese technology community. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese government also plans to provide subsidies of up to 20 billion yen (currently about 996 million yuan) to revive the country's chip development and manufacturing ecosystem.

The move coincides with an increasingly fierce chip game between China, the United States and Japan, and Samsung has been vigorously upgrading its chip packaging technology since last year in order to gain a competitive advantage in this key link. Chip packaging refers to the packaging of multiple components on a single chip to achieve smaller size and higher energy efficiency.

Samsung is currently the world's second-largest semiconductor chip maker, but its wafer foundry market share is much lower than that of its rival TSMC. The company plans to invest $230 billion over the next few years to overtake TSMC as the world's largest chipmaker.

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