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Ning Fan Acoustics RG15 "Assassin's Creed: illusion" joint all-metal in-ear game headphones released, the price is 499 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

IT House, December 22 (Xinhua)-- NFAudio Ning Fan Acoustics has partnered with Ubisoft to launch RG15's "Assassin Creed: illusion" joint model of all-metal in-ear game headphones, priced at 499 yuan and limited to 1500 copies.

The headphone body uses a new design, all-metal gold-plated material, with special lines belonging to the "Assassin's Creed: illusion", officially known as "Middle Eastern characteristics".

Headphones have built-in Type-C interface of DSP digital signal processor for full-link sound quality optimization; equipped with MC2L-10m dual magnetic circuit double cavity electric transfer ring unit and mems microphone; designed with 0.78mm 2pin interchangeable line, standard ms42 silicone sleeve, and retro style storage bag.

Ning Fan Acoustics RG15 "Assassin's Creed: illusion" joint all-metal earpiece game headphones are now available on e-commerce platforms at a price of 499 yuan and a limited edition of 1500 copies. Parameter table attached to IT House: Ningfan Acoustics NF Audio Assassin's Creed: Phantom Joint name RG15499 Yuan Direct Link

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