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Special particles + dazzling Aesthetics: Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 DDR5 RGB memory new products on the market

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With the maturity of DDR5 memory technology and reasonable price, more and more professional e-sports players, DIY overclocking enthusiasts, heavy office users, content creators pay more attention to fast and efficient DDR5 memory. They pursue the extreme performance of high frequency, ultra-low latency experience, large capacity combination, as well as high appearance and glare lighting effect. To this end, Baiwei WOOKONG makes every effort to create DX100 series of high-end DDR5 memory, unlocking higher frequency, lower latency, appearance lamp effect full, bringing flagship DDR5 memory experience for the majority of users.

About Baiwei WOOKONG

Baiwei Storage was founded in 2010, focusing on the research and development of semiconductor storage products and closed test manufacturing. Not only in the industrial control and embedded field for many years, but also with excellent research and development level and closed testing ability, it has obtained the memory operation license of international famous brands such as HP, Acer, Predator and so on. The generation operation here is not just OEM contract manufacturing or operating market, from solution design firmware research and development, to packaging production testing, and then to listing, sales and operation management, Baiwei has fully represented the storage business of these brands. And in the fierce market competition has made remarkable achievements, from memory to SSD, to create several familiar, popular classic products.

Today in 2023, Baiwei Storage is finally determined to go from behind the scenes to the front of the stage to create its own consumer storage brand of the same name: Baiwei. Baiwei is a brand facing the information processing needs of consumers, and there will be a rich and comprehensive product layout in the future. The WOOKONG Wukong series to be introduced today is Baiwei's e-sports product line, named Wukong, hoping that they, like the name "Wukong", symbolize the glory and responsibility of winning a hundred battles. At the same time, it also motivates itself to create an efficient and comfortable data processing experience for the majority of users through sincere attitude and technological innovation.

The biggest feature of Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 RGB memory is its large luminous area that can be seen at a glance, and it is difficult to find a competitor on the market. Once it is fully plugged in and lit up, it will have full momentum in appearance.

The top of the memory is a light guide mask with fine frosted fog surface, with built-in ARGB light beads, and supports Asustek / gigabyte / MSI / ASRock and other motherboard lighting control software to achieve lighting synchronization and create a RGB host with coordinated lighting efficiency. After lighting, the high-quality lamp beads with infinite color change like pigment halo dyeing, silky and uniform, glowing in the chassis, creating an unparalleled immersive competitive atmosphere for players.

Vest is divided into silver, black two kinds of color, silver gray metal heat dissipation armor, the surface is treated by metal wire drawing process, very metal texture. The two sides are symmetrically treated with oblique-cut highlight lines to show the geometric beauty of personality.

Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 series DDR5 memory uses specially selected febrile Hynix original particles, in the DDR5 era of particle physique and overclocking potential, Hynix has sat on the throne. DX100 also uses high-precision automation equipment to screen particles to ensure consistency and high quality, reducing errors and blind spots in manual screening. In addition, DX100 adopts 10-layer PCB board stack design for overclocking, which has stronger electrical performance; on-board high-performance PMIC chip escorts high-frequency operation, allowing extreme players with independent overclocking to tap the unlimited potential of high-frequency DDR5 memory.

In order to meet the different needs of different users, Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 series DDR5 memory offers a variety of frequency specifications, from 6000 to 8000MHz mainstream specifications are free to choose. Among them, the highest 8000MHz, the timing as low as CL36, the best choice for players. Under the blessing of high frequency and low timing, the performance is released as much as possible, the game special effects can not be opened, and the professional content creation gets twice the result with half the effort. In addition, in terms of capacity, different sets of 16Gx2, 24GB × 2 and 32Gx2 are provided to solve the anxiety of insufficient memory capacity in one step.

Before leaving the factory, Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 series DDR5 memory has undergone many rounds of rigorous hardware compatibility testing, which is suitable for the major motherboard brands, plug and play. Intel XPM 3.0 is supported, and some models also support AMD EXPO (convenient overclocking technology similar to Intel XMP). As long as the product label is marked "AMD EXPO Ready", whether it is Intel or AMD platform, you can get excellent performance with one click.

Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 series DDR5 memory exclusive quality after-sales, product life cycle provides warranty services for every user who chooses Baiwei WOOKONG products to create a perfect after-sales experience.

Baiwei WOOKONG DX100 series DDR5 memory is tailor-made for e-sports players, DIY overclocking enthusiasts, heavy office users and content creators, leading the DDR5 memory trend. This product has been put on the shelves and will be officially put on sale by on Christmas Day, December 25. Interested friends must pay attention to it.

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