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MOZA United CTCC Racing e-sports National Challenge came to a successful conclusion!

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, MOZA and CTCC racing e-sports National Challenge offline finals came to a successful conclusion at Shanghai Tianma Racecourse. The competition is sponsored by CTCC, a joint strategic partner of MOZA Talon, with the full support of Lisheng Sports, Philips EVNIA, Shadow, Soneng, PNS, Audeze, Sabelt and Red Attack. The race lasted nearly 40 days, more than 1,000 people signed up, 20 MOZA RACING offline racing experience shops team participated, all the drivers completed about 20,000 laps effective results, experts gathered, the situation is fierce!

After many fierce competitions in the audition, a total of 20 contestants from the student group, the open group and the wild card race successfully qualified for the national offline finals. They gathered at the Shanghai Tianma Racecourse to compete for the glory of the championship.

Professional racing, MOZA ignites the dream of racing.

Professional simulation racing configurations are set up at the finals: MOZA R9 servo direct drive, MOZA GS competitive steering wheel, MOZA CRP professional pedal, customized version console, Philips Evnia QD OLED game display, PNS GT-M MOZA customized cockpit and Audeze Penrose / Penrose X headphones. The strong equipment performance provides strong hardware support for the competition, helping the contestants to conquer the Dongwangyang track in Macao and challenge the speed limit.

The strong people gather, and the top speed race

Before the official start of the competition, the event organizers arranged driver meetings and pre-race training for the finalists. Although Shanghai at that time was affected by the cold wave and the room temperature dropped to minus 4 degrees Celsius, we could still feel the gradually hot competition atmosphere at the scene and the struggle between the strong and the strong. Ready to go.

According to the schedule arrangement, each track group is divided into AB group for 5-into-3 preliminaries.

In the preliminary round, Yin surpassed Chen Jiaqi in front of the bend in Portugal and Beijing. Yin Zheng first sucked Chen Jiaqi's wake in the oriental bend and tapped in a straight line, and succeeded in running side by side with Chen Jiaqi's car with a higher tail speed. then stuck in Chen Jiaqi's interior line occupied the Portuguese capital bend's first opportunity and surpassed at one stroke, and finally won the first place in Group B in the preliminary race.

The open groups Zhang Liao, Chen Jiaqi, Yin Zheng, Huang Qineng, Feng Xiaoyi and Fan Chenxiao successfully advanced to the final, while the student groups Liu Donghe, Gu Yutong, Gong Shuning, Luo Qianyu, Xu Nuo and Shen Duanqi successfully met in the final.

The struggle between Yin Zheng and Chen Jiaqi is still the most wonderful after the start of the final of the open group. Yin Zheng quickly led in three laps and established an advantage of about 3 seconds. Fan Chenxiao, who finished third, ran all alone, with a gap of about 15 seconds. While Zhang Liao and Feng Xiaoyi competed with Huang Qineng for the fourth place, the three sides launched a scuffle. Finally, Yin Zheng won the open group final champion, Zhang Liao runner-up and Fan Chenxiao third runner-up.

Liu Donghe took the lead in the student group final, and he also established an insurmountable advantage over the second runner in the preliminaries, but a car failure occurred unexpectedly in the last 10 minutes, which led to Liu Donghe's regret to withdraw from the race. In the end, Gong Shuning won the championship in the student group, while Luo Qianyu and Gu Yutong won the runner-up and the second runner-up respectively.

Speed, honor, competition and fearlessness

Champion and second runner-up in the Open Group

The second runner-up in the student group

With the end of the award ceremony, the MOZA United CTCC Racing e-sports National Challenge officially came to an end. In the competition, we not only saw the excellent driving skills shown by a large number of contestants, but also felt their desire for the championship and their extreme love for racing cars. The young contestants of the student group showed amazing racing talent, which was admired by the arbitration team and commentators.

Liu Baoyi, a 14-year-old contestant, successfully broke through the fierce audition competition to advance to the offline finals after only half a year of contact with the racing simulator, which is expected in the future. It is reported that at present, Liu Baoyi has come into contact with professional kart training and is studying hard for his plan to study racing engineering in the future. MOZA claw and CTCC sincerely hope that more and more racing enthusiasts can join the MOZA e-sports racing, enjoy the passion brought by racing, and constantly improve their skills and strength in the process of sharpening, starting with the virtual, rushing to the real, and finally gallop the track to realize the dream!

This event is the first time that MOZA Talon and CTCC have tried to move from virtual to real e-sports. In the future, both sides will further integrate their own resource advantages and make every effort to create a better Chinese racing cultural atmosphere, so that more young people who love racing can have a more correct understanding of racing and get in touch with racing, so as to enjoy the fun of racing.

This battle has come to an end, and new challenges will be reignited. The new season, the new journey is about to begin, waiting for you to fight!

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