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IQOO WATCH warm-up: support watch independent communication, eSIM mode to up to 7 days

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, according to the official iQOO news, iQOO WATCH supports watch independent communication, with a battery life of 7 days in eSIM mode and 16 days in Bluetooth mode, which will be released at 19:00 on December 27.

In the previous warm-up, iQOO WATCH confirmed that it was equipped with the Blue River operating system developed by vivo, which claimed to be "inherently smarter, smoother and more secure". This watch uses a round dial design, the shape is streamlined, with a relatively smooth, round line outline. noted that vivo WATCH 3, which was released in November this year, comes with the Blue River operating system and supports eSIM independent communication, which can be used as a reference.

▲ vivo WATCH 3vivo WATCH 3 adds a new watch app store, which is developed jointly with major top apps. You can download and use third-party App;, such as Alipay and Baidu Maps, to receive messages and make calls. Deeply compatible with vivo atomic notifications, the watch can quickly view nine types of notification messages and officially claims to last up to 16 days.

The vivo WATCH 3 upgrade supports multi-channel ring health monitoring and 8-channel heart rate and 16-channel oxygen monitoring. During sleep monitoring, WATCH 3 bid farewell to the dazzling green light and support the undisturbed heart rate of invisible light.

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