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Vivo TWS 3e noise reduction headphones go on sale today: support up to 44 hours of service, to hand price 149RMB

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, vivo TWS 3e new noise reduction headphones today launched the first sale, offering white, ink and blue two colors, to the hand price of 149yuan. learned that vivo TWS 3e supports active noise reduction, AI call noise reduction, using AI depth calculation to simulate the human ear hearing system to retain human voice, filter noise, and improve microphone anti-wind noise by 12%.

This new product is equipped with a 11mm sound unit, a diaphragm of high bionic composite cashmere biological fiber, and a lighter copper wire diameter for the voice coil. The product supports 3D panoramic audio, DeepX 3.0stereo sound effect, high, middle and bass show different "tendency" stereo sound effect.

In addition, the product also supports 55ms full-link games with low latency, headset latency as low as 25ms, Bluetooth 5.3 protocol, a brand new low-latency Bluetooth audio codec LC3, and support for connecting two electronic devices at the same time.

After the vivo TWS 3e is turned on, the maximum length of the single headset is 9 hours, and that of the whole machine is 36 hours; after the noise reduction is turned off, the maximum length of the single headset is 11 hours, and that of the whole machine is 44 hours. vivo TWS 3e coupon after 149yuan to get 10 yuan coupon

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