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Snapdragon strong core blessing, shaping performance leapfrog experience, moto G34 officially released

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On December 22, 2023, Lenovo moto officially released moto G34 to create a high-performance universal 5G mobile phone. The moto G34 is priced at 999 yuan and is equipped with Snapdragon 6 series strong core to create a leapfrog performance experience. In addition to the top performance in the same price range, the 5000-megapixel AI image of the moto G34, the large 5000mAh battery and the smooth, safe and less advertising moto myui 6.0also bring a convenient and worry-free experience.

Snapdragon 6 series strong core, leapfrog performance experience

The moto G34 is equipped with the Snapdragon 695 processor of the eight-core 6nm process, combined with the MAXE 2.0 system engine developed by moto, which can not only give full play to the high performance of the eight cores, bring a comprehensive smooth and stable user experience and efficient application startup speed, but also dynamically schedule AI energy efficiency for seven common user scenarios: video, games, reading, navigation, VoIP, camera and fast charging, further optimizing the power consumption performance of the whole scene. The power consumption is lower while realizing the leapfrog performance.

In addition to the superior performance, the smooth and clear screen also adds points to the moto G34 experience. The moto G34 is equipped with a 6.5in LCD screen, 20:9 cinema scale and wide gamut coverage, giving you a wider field of vision and immersive entertainment experience. The screen supports up to 120 Hz refresh rate and multi-speed intelligent adaptive refresh rate, which can be used smoothly while reducing the power consumption caused by high brushes and ensuring the battery life experience. The highest 240Hz touch sampling rate provides a greater possibility for visual presentation and interaction speed.

5000 megapixel AI images, recorded at will

The moto G34 is equipped with a 5000-megapixel optical anti-shake AI imaging system, and the main photographer uses a super-photosensitive outsole, and a clear large film can be obtained with one shot. In the night scene, the moto G34 also supports automatic night scene mode to brighten and reduce noise for photos and restore more night details. In addition, moto G34 has a variety of shooting methods, front and rear two-scene shooting, smiley face capture, intelligent portrait and other modes, to meet the needs of users for a variety of photography experience, freeze every moment into an unforgettable picture.

The moto G34 is also equipped with 128GB flash memory to keep the wonderful moments recorded forever, and there is more 8GB body memory + 8GB equivalent virtual memory, making it more smooth and easy to use for multitasking.

Excellent battery life, smooth and easy to use

In terms of battery life, the moto G34 has a large 5000mAh battery and ultra-long battery life performance. The portable battery-level high-capacity battery meets the needs of heavy mobile phone users; at the same time, it comes with a 20W charging head at random, and the fuselage supports 18W fast charging, which relieves users' anxiety about battery life from morning to night.

In addition, moto G34 is also equipped with a safe and less advertising moto myui 6.0system, which continues the characteristics of "good, light and fast", which further makes the system experience more smooth and fast, and the interactive operation more intuitive and easy to use. For example, the popular moto gesture, the simple mode 2.0 with simple layout, and the unique application Liukai of moto, each function brings a smooth and convenient experience for users. In addition to simplifying many operational functions, moto myui 6.0system can also monitor software call permissions in real time, further reduce harassment advertisements, create a "less disturbing" environment for users, and greatly improve security.

Moto G34 has two colors of stars and sea, with 179g weight and 8.0mm ultra-thin body, comfortable to hold and full of texture. The moto G34 will go on sale on December 28, with the 8GB+128GB version only 999 yuan.

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