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Just over 18, "teenage hacker" was arrested: "GTA 6" whistleblower was sentenced to lifelong hospital care.

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Thanks to netizen Alejandro86 for the clue delivery!, December 22 (Xinhua)-- Arion Kurtaj, the hacker who hacked into R Star's leaked "GTA 6" source code, has been sentenced to life-long hospital care (indefinite hospital order) unless doctors believe he is no longer a threat, BBC reported early this morning Beijing time.

The hacker, who is autistic, was only 17 years old when he was arrested in the UK last year and is a member of the international hacker group LAPSU$, the report said. The gang has launched attacks on Uber, NVIDIA, R Star and other companies, causing tens of millions of dollars in losses.

The judge said Kurtaj's skills and desire to continue to commit cybercrime meant he was still a high-risk figure for the public. "unless the doctor thinks he is no longer dangerous, he will stay in a safe hospital for the rest of his life."

As he suffers from severe autism, the doctor thinks that he is not fit to appear in court. The jury was told that he was continuing the invasion when he was released on bail for hacking into companies such as Nvidia and was protected by police at a hotel.

Kurtaj successfully hacked into R Star using devices such as Amazon Firestick, hotel televisions and mobile phones after the laptop was confiscated, and stole 90 unreleased "GTA 6" clips.

At the sentencing hearing, the defense team argued that "the success of the game trailer shows that Kurtaj's hacking did not cause serious harm to game developers" and asked that this be taken into account in sentencing.

According to previous reports from, the hacker pleaded not guilty to the charge of "computer abuse" last year. In July, after a psychiatrist's assessment, Kurtaj was found unfit to stand trial, so the jury will not find him guilty, but will only decide whether he commits these acts.

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