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The new AMD Sharon 8040 processor notebook appears, and the optional RX 7600m shows alone.

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, AMD last week released the sharp dragon 8040 series vest processor, CPU and core show the same as the 7040 series, NPU upgrade to achieve higher AI performance. Now, a laptop with this series of processors appears on Geekbench.

As shown in the figure above, the acceleration frequency of the 6-core model is 4.9GHz, and it is expected to be the new R58640HSGrai 8-core model acceleration frequency 5.2GHz, and the R9 8945HS processor.

In addition, this series of notebooks also have a unique model, R5 8640HS + RX 7600M configuration, may be a main cost-effective game this model.

In terms of running score, R9 8945HS has a single core of 2600nm and a polynucleus of 12000nm, which is basically the same as that of R9 7940HS.

As previously reported by, the AMD Ruilong 8040 series of mobile processors still use Zen4 CPU cores and RDNA3 kernel display. NPU seems to have improved performance through overclocking, increasing its computing power from 10 TOPS to 16 TOPS. In terms of naming, take the R7 8840 series processor as an example, which is the vest of the R7 7840 series processor and is now divided into three models: R7 8840U, R7 8840HS and R7 8845HS. The three parameters are the same, but the power consumption settings are different, which are 15-30W, 20-30W and 35-54W respectively.

The AMD 8040 series of vest processors will be launched in the first quarter of 2024.

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