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Deep Blue Aerospace: the landing leg test of a recyclable launch vehicle has been a complete success.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 22, according to Jiangsu Deep Blue Aerospace Co., Ltd., recently, the Deep Blue Aerospace "Nebula-1" liquid recyclable carrier rocket landing leg test was a complete success.

This round of tests simulate the real operating environment of the landing legs of the "Nebula-1" rocket, and verify that the "Nebula-1" rocket can unlock, deploy and lock in different attitudes at different ballistic heights, providing a reliable technical guarantee for the high-altitude vertical recovery (VTVL) test of the next "Nebula-1" sub-stage rocket in Deep Blue Aerospace and the first entry into orbit and recovery of the whole rocket.

The function of the rocket landing leg is mainly related to the rocket recovery return phase, especially in the first stage to re-enter the atmosphere and achieve a safe landing, the rocket landing leg has to bear the extremely complex and changeable force and thermal environment.

The landing leg needs to overcome various internal and external disturbances caused by the complex flight environment such as overweight and high dynamic pressure, and the technical problems involved in the whole life cycle such as landing impact, fire prevention, post-return maintenance and maintenance need to be fully considered. The performance of the landing leg of the rocket is related to the reusable carrying capacity of the rocket. the time and cost of maintenance and repair of the rocket in the future will play an important role in realizing commercial rocket transportation with high efficiency and low cost.

Deep Blue Aerospace said that the rocket landing legs developed by the research and development team have the following characteristics:

The main contents are as follows: 1. Compared with the traditional hydraulic and electric operation methods, the landing leg of this test uses pneumatic components to unlock and unlock the leg, and the overall scheme is more lightweight and efficient.

2. In the whole process, the controlled landing leg needs to complete many actions such as unlocking, unlocking and locking in 2s, which involves a complex movement process. The R & D team designs each link in detail, and the whole process of unlocking, unlocking and locking is controlled to ensure that the legs can be reliably deployed under a variety of complex and limit working conditions.

According to 's previous report, Deep Blue Aerospace has clearly proposed to carry out rocket launch and recovery tests at Hainan's commercial space launch site next year, including land recovery, sea recovery, rocket launch at the end of the year, and other tests and missions.

The Deep Blue Space "Nebula-1" carrier rocket has a diameter of 3.35m, a fairing length of 4m, and a carrying capacity of 1000 kg @ 500km, supporting the rocket one-stage recovery and reuse technology and the parallel technology of multiple engines.

▲ Tu Yuan Deep Blue Aerospace official website, the "Thunder-R1" liquid oxygen kerosene engine carried by the rocket is known as "the first domestic needle bolt technology kerosene engine", with a vacuum thrust of 75-265kR. 85% of the weight of the engine is manufactured by 3D printing and swings behind the pump.

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