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Glory self-selected Haylou Watch new product on the market: between the wrists, it shows thousands of things.

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On December 21, the new product of Honor hand-selected Haylou Watch smartwatch was officially launched, bringing a new upgrade experience of "looking up between wrists". This smartwatch uses a 1.95-inch light and thin comprehensive screen, which supports a full view of information and a freer interface layout, which perfectly meets the needs of daily wear and use. At the same time, it also integrates independent satellite positioning, 120 exercise modes and heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring exercise health functions, as well as 12-day long range, 5ATM waterproof, Bluetooth calls and offline payment and other outdoor travel functions, which can help users know their fitness and health status anytime and anywhere.

Bring about super-large, thin and comprehensive screen design: fashion upgrade of wrist devices

In recent years, smartwatch has become a very common wearable product, which not only brings the function of wisdom, but also has the attribute of fashion item. Through the lightweight and comprehensive screen design, creative dial function and skin-friendly strap material, Honor hand-selected Haylou Watch brings consumers a new choice of smart watch that is good-looking, easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

In terms of screen appearance, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch uses a 1.95-inch light, thin and comprehensive screen with a large screen share of 75%. It still gives you a wide field of vision between square inches, which can not only achieve a full view of information, but also make the interface layout more free; coupled with the ultra-high refresh rate of 60Hz, the frame picture is delicate and smooth. And, the screen material is AMOLED, with NTSC 100% display color, 1670 million colors and 550nit peak brightness excellent parameter performance, and after repeated adjustments to achieve the original color level display effect, the picture quality is clear and real, bright and full color. With metal texture frame, hand raised wrist, fashionable atmosphere.

In addition, Honor hand-selected Haylou Watch also brings a very rich choice of dial styles. In the cloud dial market, built-in sports, technology, cartoons and other eight categories of more than 100 free personality dials, but also support custom, DIY photo albums, dynamic dial settings, and its own information screen display function, lift the wrist, show the moment wonderful.

Faced with the increasing popularity of smart devices and rising consumer requirements, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch has brought fashion upgrades to wrist devices through super-large, thin and comprehensive screen design. It also uses a rich choice of dial and comfortable and breathable strap design to give consumers the freedom to show their personality and wear for a long time, so that smartwatches can be deeply integrated into daily life and become a necessary "second electronic screen" in addition to smartphones.

Equipped with omni-directional exercise health function: all-weather easy to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor use

In the fast-paced modern daily life, the health monitoring and fitness accompany function of smartwatch are also playing a more and more important role. Glory self-selected Haylou Watch brings a full range of sports and health functions, including independent satellite positioning chips, 120 exercise modes, and round-the-clock monitoring of blood oxygen, heart rate, pressure and other health data, helping consumers easily cope with the needs of all-weather, indoor and outdoor panoramic views.

For fitness people, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch brings innovative functions that can cover outdoor, indoor and other sports fitness scenes. First of all, this watch uses an independent satellite positioning chip and five major satellite positioning systems in the world, which can be located quickly and accurately without a mobile phone. You only need to wear this watch when you run in the morning or night. You can easily run and clearly record the track of outdoor sports. Secondly, Honor Pro Haylou Watch also supports up to 120 sports modes, including cycling, football, swimming, etc., and the watch can automatically identify 5 exercise types: walking, running, cycling, elliptical machine and rowing machine, and configure professional exercise algorithms to help you continuously track and analyze daily fitness data, making each exercise more efficient.

For daily health needs, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch also brings comprehensive monitoring functions, including 24-hour tracking of multiple health indicators such as blood oxygen, heart rate, stress, as well as sleep monitoring, women's health management, etc.; with professional algorithms, it can achieve accurate tracking of data changes, timely warning of health risks, etc., and protect your health.

In addition, Honor Haylou Watch also supports connecting to Glory Sports Health APP, which makes it easier to use and more feature-rich. After wearing it all day, open Honor Sports Health APP at any time, you can directly see personal sports and health data, you can also share your movement track to your moments, communicate and interact with friends, and also support the function of finding devices through App.

Equipped with comprehensive sports health functions, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch can become a good partner for every consumer in a healthy life. Whether you want to improve your fitness program or monitor your health data, you can get better help with this product.

Can last for up to 12 days: become a reliable partner on outdoor and mobile travel.

For smartwatch users are very concerned about the life of the watch, mobile travel scene functions and so on, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch also brings a comprehensive solution.

In long-term outdoor sports, or travel and other scenarios, the battery life of smartwatches is very important. In this regard, the Honor self-selected Haylou Watch supports an ultra-long battery life of up to 12 days in typical mode, up to 9 days even in heavy mode, and the charging speed is very good, which is very easy to charge in 1.5 hours.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of swimming, surfing and other special outdoor scenes, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch has also specially polished the waterproof function, reaching the 5ATM protection level of deep waterproof ability, which is equivalent to withstanding the pressure of 50 meters static water depth for 10 minutes, and there is no need to take off the watch in daily water sports scenes such as swimming in the swimming pool.

For more daily travel, commuting and other mobile scenarios, Honor Haylou Watch also brings a series of practical features, such as Bluetooth voice call function. When it is inconvenient to use your mobile phone to receive and make calls, you can use this watch to answer or make calls with one button, which is more convenient and faster. The watch also supports NFC access control swipe card, Alipay Transit QR Code, scan code offline payment function.

Whether it's outdoor sports or mobile commuting and travel, Honor Haylou Watch can be your reliable companion on the road, bringing lasting and reliable company, as well as a more efficient and convenient experience.

In a busy city, a good-looking, comfortable, fully functional, reliable and easy-to-use smartwatch can become a good partner for your healthy life. Honorable Haylou Watch is exactly like this, through the super light and thin comprehensive screen design, perfect fit for daily wear; through a full range of sports health functions to help consumers achieve better health and fitness management; at the same time, ultra-long range, super waterproof performance to meet the needs of long-term outdoor and mobile travel, Bluetooth calls, NFC access cards, convenient payment and other functions to enhance the convenience of daily use. From all aspects, it can be better integrated into daily life.

On December 24th, Honor self-selected Haylou Watch launched its first sale, with the official price of 449 yuan and the first selling price of 429 yuan. Consumers can buy through many channels, such as Glory Mall, Glory self-selected Mall, Glory 's own flagship store, Glory Tmall's official flagship store, Glory experience store, Glory authorized stores and so on. Children in need should pay attention to it as soon as possible!

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