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ALPD laser light source goes out to CineAsia again, Guangfeng technology brings the ultimate experience to overseas users.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 7, the Asian Film Fair (CineAsia), the largest and most influential film and television equipment exhibition in Asia, ended in Bangkok, Thailand. With the re-appearance of ALPD laser projection solution, Guangfeng, a subsidiary of 688007.SH, accelerates its response to the needs of the global market and is committed to bringing the ultimate visual experience to overseas users.

At present, the global film projection industry is in a critical period of the transition between new and old technologies. ALPD laser light source has been verified by the market for many years, and the audience is expanding day by day. Compared with similar technologies on the market, ALPD scheme has many irreplaceable outstanding advantages.

Stable performance, energy saving and environmental protection

Thanks to the high brightness and high energy efficiency of the laser light source, compared with the traditional xenon lamp light source, the ALPD laser light source is more energy-saving and can effectively reduce the cost of electricity at the same brightness level. Not only that, the ALPD light source has a service life of up to 30,000 hours, completely eliminating the operation of the traditional xenon lamp projector to change the light bulb frequently. ALPD has not only formed a complete product system covering all projector platforms from 5000 to 55000 lumens, but also is helping many cinemas to greatly improve their brightness and quality.

At present, ALPD laser projection technology has been used in cinemas for 8 years. With many outstanding advantages, such as more energy saving and environmental protection, low cost to improve projection quality and so on, ALPD laser projection technology is also increasingly recognized and welcomed by users around the world. As of December 2023, it has been installed in more than 36000 cinemas around the world, with users covering America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and so on.

With the frequent appearance of ALPD in many international exhibitions, the ALPD projection program with independent intellectual property rights has become a dazzling rising star in the global film industry.

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