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2023 Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Annual meeting successfully held win-win cooperation towards the "Golden decade"

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Shulou( Report--

Ji Weiwang reported that "the winter solstice is born in spring, and the wisdom driving event is a new article." On December 21,"2023 Suzhou Automobile Chip Industry Development Promotion Conference and Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Annual Conference" was solemnly held in Suzhou Shishan International Conference Center.

With the theme of "Intelligent Driving Ecological Interaction_Linking the New Future of Automobile Chip Industry," the conference was sponsored by Suzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee, Suzhou City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance, organized by Suzhou High-tech Zone Economic Development Committee, Suzhou High-tech Zone Commerce Bureau, Suzhou High-tech Integrated Circuit Industry Development Co., Ltd., Aiji Micro and supported by China Automobile News.

In order to fully "link" the development of automobile chip industry, the conference set up many links including expert keynote speech, park promotion, achievement release, cooperation signing, industry commendation, round-table forum, project roadshow, etc., devoted to accelerating the innovation and upgrading of automobile chip industry and achievement transformation, and exploring the construction of capital support mode and investment ecology in automobile electronics field with Chinese characteristics.

At the meeting, more than 500 important guests from local governments, experts and scholars, investment institutions, automobile chips, vehicle manufacturing and other fields gathered together to discuss hot topics such as the development trend of automobile electronics industry, policy support, investment ecology and cross-border cooperation.

Automobile industry meets ten-year development opportunity period

Song Changbao, Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of Suzhou High-tech Zone

At the beginning of the conference, Song Changbao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Suzhou High-tech Zone, first delivered an opening speech. Song Changbao said that since it was approved as the first batch of national High-tech Zone in 19 years, after more than 30 years of development, the comprehensive strength of Suzhou High-tech Zone has been in the forefront of the national High-tech Zone. At present, the integrated circuit industry of Suzhou High-tech Zone gathers 8 listed enterprises and 44 unicorn gazelle enterprises at all levels around the advantageous subdivision fields such as vehicle gauge chip and independent controllable safety chip, with an industrial scale of 22 billion yuan.

In terms of automobile chips, the park has cultivated a number of science and technology enterprises with strong independent R & D capability, gathered a batch of high-level innovation platforms such as East China Branch of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of China Automobile Research Institute and East China Headquarters Base, etc., providing "core" support for strengthening the automobile industry.

"Suzhou High-tech Zone will focus on the development of automobile chip industry and make every effort to build an innovation leading demonstration zone for automobile industry. We will continue to optimize the business environment, work hand in hand with everyone towards the 'core' and climb the peak of the 'core' together. "Song Changbao said.

Zheng Weimin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Tsinghua University

Zheng Weimin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Tsinghua University, expressed three views on vehicle-end computing power and cloud-based computing power in his speech. First, we should grasp the improvement of the computing power requirements of the intelligent domain controllers at the vehicle end and the edge of the road, and increase the research and development of chips supporting the computing power at the vehicle end. Second, intelligent network-connected vehicles realize intelligent driving through information exchange among vehicles, roads, networks and clouds, integrate AI large models into automatic driving system, and build solid cloud computing base. Third, we should build an industrial cooperation ecology to realize interconnection.

At the same time, Zheng Weimin stressed that we should seize the development opportunity, anchor the goal of self-reliance of science and technology and independent and controllable industrial chain, and promote the high-quality development of intelligent vehicles in the spirit of "nail driving."

Wang Honggang, Deputy General Manager of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Wang Honggang, deputy general manager of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., said in his speech that after years of efforts, China has gradually become a promoter of technological innovation in the new energy automobile industry. Cars today have undergone dramatic changes in electronics, communications software and architecture. Chips are reshaping software, and software-defined cars are becoming a new trend in the automotive industry.

From this perspective, the automotive chip and electronics industry has also ushered in new development opportunities. Wang Honggang stressed that China Automobile will devote itself to building a national-level service platform, jointly guarantee the safety of China's automobile and integrated circuit industry chain, continuously assist the development of Chinese enterprises and the promotion of brand value in the industry, and provide various services for the national strategy and industry with a more positive attitude.

Founder, Chairman and Secretary General of Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance of Aijiwei

Aiji Wei founder, chairman, automotive electronics industry investment alliance secretary-general Lao Yao said, in the automobile "four modernizations" wave of major changes, automotive electronics is showing unprecedented development opportunities.

"China's new energy automobile industry has just begun. The next ten years will be an opportunity period for the rapid development of China's automobile industry. The Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance hopes to play a greater role in this process. At the same time, it also hopes to promote the further development of China's automobile industry through more cooperation with local governments. "Old Yao said.

Zhong Xiaochen, General Manager of Suzhou High-tech Integrated Circuit Industry Development Co., Ltd.

In the industrial environment promotion link of Suzhou High-tech Zone, Zhong Xiaochen, general manager of Suzhou High-tech Integrated Circuit Industry Development Co., Ltd., said that Suzhou High-tech Zone is making every effort to build a national modern industrial system and actively develop two leading industries of new generation information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing. At present, the park has more than 250 integrated circuit enterprises, covering the whole industrial chain of integrated circuit design, manufacturing, sealing and testing materials and equipment, and has gathered many industrial clusters such as vehicle gauge chips, display chips, advanced sealing and testing materials, etc.

Zhong Xiaochen stressed that Suzhou High-tech Zone will promote enterprise accumulation, sit in the automobile industry chain, focus on the layout of key parts such as automobile chips and electronic systems. On the one hand, it will speed up and enlarge the advantages of traditional automobile development, on the other hand, it will show new achievements in the automobile, especially the new energy track "complementary connection, strong chain and chain extension."

Win-win cooperation helps industrial development

The White Paper on the Development of China's Automotive Semiconductor Industry (2023), jointly compiled by China Automobile News, China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. and Aijiwei, was officially released at the conference, which once set off the climax of the conference. Gui Junsong, editor-in-chief of China Automobile News, Huang Yonghe, Director of Chief Engineer Office of China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., Lao Yao, founder and chairman of Aijiwei, attended the issuing ceremony together with hundreds of guests on site.

It is reported that the "White Paper on the Development of China's Automobile Semiconductor Industry (2023)" is based on the development background of the "new three modernizations" of automobile electrification, intelligence and networking. Based on the in-depth follow-up, visit and investigation of many enterprises, the first article focuses on IGBT, silicon carbide, analog chip, MCU, cockpit SoC and other five categories of products, focusing on the application progress, global competition pattern, localization progress and production capacity layout of each type of chip one by one, key enterprises entering the bureau, industry development trends, etc.

In addition to focusing on chip enterprises and products, the White Paper also covers other links in the industry chain, including the layout of domestic car gauge wafer manufacturing capacity, related progress contents such as process platform, and comprehensive research and display on chip products and related supply chains. At the same time, the White Paper also analyzes the competition pattern and major enterprises of the vehicle-grade chip testing industry, as well as the development trend of relevant markets, which will assist the local market to create more value and growth, and realize the sustainable development and take-off of enterprises in the era of intelligent electric vehicles.

Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between Suzhou High-tech Zone and Aijiwei Consulting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between Suzhou High-tech Zone and Aiji Micro Consulting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was held. Wu Xuxiang, Deputy Director of Suzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee, and Xing Xuesong, Vice President of Aijiwei, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. The strategic cooperation between the two sides will focus on the integrated circuit industry, give full play to their respective resource advantages, expand cooperation through various channels, jointly promote the landing of incubation and investment projects in Suzhou High-tech Zone, and the introduction and settlement of scientific and technological talents. In addition, the two sides will build an integrated circuit industry innovation system driven by the market and deeply integrated with R & D, industry and capital through complementary advantages.

Opening Ceremony of Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance Cooperation Demonstration Base

In addition, Lao Yao, founder and chairman of Aijiwei, and Yu Meihua, deputy director and deputy district chief of Suzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee, jointly unveiled the cooperation demonstration base of Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance. The Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance was jointly established by well-known domestic automotive industry and investment departments, committed to accelerating China's automotive electronics technology innovation and building an investment ecology in the automotive electronics field with Chinese characteristics. The cooperation demonstration base of Automotive Electronics Investment Alliance settled in Suzhou High-tech Zone will become a convenient platform linking professional investors in automobile industry with local automobile chip enterprises in Suzhou, and better promote the development and growth of automobile chip enterprises in High-tech Zone.

Suzhou Smart Car Chip Testing Platform Co-construction Launching Ceremony

Subsequently, the launching ceremony of Suzhou intelligent automobile chip inspection and certification public service platform was held. With the continuous improvement of intelligence and electrification, the application of chips in automobiles is becoming more and more extensive. The establishment of Suzhou intelligent automobile chip inspection and certification public service platform will provide one-stop chip inspection and certification services for vehicle standard chip enterprises and become a strong support for the development of intelligent automobile industry.

On the whole, these cooperation and co-construction are bound to be win-win or even win-win. Whether it is the release of the White Paper on the Development of China's Automotive Semiconductor Industry (2023), the unveiling of the Automotive Electronics Investment Alliance Cooperation Demonstration Base, the co-construction ceremony of Suzhou Intelligent Automobile Chip Testing Platform, etc., it will effectively promote the integration of resources, technologies and markets from various parties, help cultivate and incubate more emerging enterprises and innovation projects, and promote the upgrading and transformation of the automobile industry chain.

Heavy awards release highlights industry influence

As the focus of the agenda, the conference held an honorary commendation meeting for the first time to commend investment institutions, enterprises and investors who have outstanding performance, excellent achievements and great industry influence in the field of automotive electronics in 2023, or have made important contributions to the development of China's automotive electronics industry. Awarded "Best Industry Investment Institution Award of the Year (Automotive Electronics),""Best Industry Investor Award of the Year (Automotive Electronics),""Most Institutional Attention Award of the Annual Automotive Electronics Industry Chain" and "Most Institutional Attention Award of the Annual Automotive Electronics Industry Chain," etc.

Best Industry Investor of the Year TOP20 (Automotive Electronics)

As we all know, the development of automobile chip and automobile electronics industry complement each other, and at the same time, it is more necessary for the strength of different links and fields such as national policy, investment, R & D, production and application to go hand in hand. Among them, it is an important and powerful grasp to coordinate all parties to participate in promoting industrial development with investment as the link. The "Best Industry Investment Institution Award of the Year (Automotive Electronics)" aims to recognize outstanding investment institutions that have made remarkable achievements and contributions in the field of automotive electronics this year and greatly contributed to the development of the industry.

Since 2023, although the electric and intelligent level of China's automobile market has led the global development, there are still important challenges such as insufficient localization rate, dependence on foreign enterprises, constraints of the old system and "internal volume."

Industry Investor of the Year Award (Automotive Electronics)

In this regard, the "Best Industry Investor Award of the Year (Automotive Electronics)" is aimed at encouraging and commending outstanding investors who deeply cultivate the automotive electronics industry this year, make outstanding contributions in the aspects of "chain supplement, strong chain and chain extension," and make outstanding achievements in the automotive electronics investment field by virtue of their excellent investment ability and make important contributions to the development of the automotive electronics industry.

Annual Automotive Electronics Industry Chain Most Concerned by Institutions Award

Despite unprecedented challenges to change in the automotive industry, China's smart electric vehicles have broken the trend and gained ground in the global market. At the same time, automotive electronics has become one of the most promising tracks in China, attracting the attention and support of the government, industry, enterprises and capital. The "Annual Automotive Electronics Industry Chain Most Institutional Attention Award" aims to promote the investment and financing of enterprises in the market, promote the healthy development of multi-level capital market in the automotive electronics field, and assist enterprises to effectively publicize and promote and realize brand strengthening.

Annual Automotive Electronics Industry Chain Investment Organization Recommendation Award

Thanks to the same-frequency resonance between national policies, capital and enterprises, in 2023, China's automotive electronics enterprises achieved key technological breakthroughs and breakthroughs in several industrial chain links, and a number of representative enterprises emerged, including some "invisible champions." The "Recommendation Award for Investment Institutions in Automotive Electronics Industry Chain of the Year" aims to commend enterprises that are of great significance in the self-reliance and self-improvement development of automotive chip industry chain in 2023, including achieving high sales revenue or prominent growth, leading market share in subdivided fields, or realizing important original technological innovation.

At present, the industrial park is an important driving force for the development of China's semiconductor and automotive electronics industries. Through special policies, location advantages, talent introduction, resource sharing and other measures, it has effectively promoted the establishment, coordinated development and formation of industrial clusters of automobile chip enterprises, and greatly improved important investment in the field of automotive electronics.

At this conference, the list of "TOP 30 Comprehensive Strength of China Integrated Circuit Park of the Year" was officially announced. At the same time, as one of the leaders of the National High-tech Zone, Suzhou High-tech Zone won the "2023 Best Integrated Circuit Park Award" by virtue of its advantages and achievements in integrated circuit output value, industrial cluster, policy support and talent introduction this year.

Best Integrated Circuit Park of the Year Award

Insight into industry trends on "bigger and stronger"

Bian Ning, Chief Engineer of Dongfeng Group Technology Center

The electric and intelligent transformation of automobiles under the curtain of the times is deeply developing the automobile electronics industry. In the keynote speech, Bian Ning, chief engineer of Dongfeng Group Technology Center, shared his unique insight into the development of intelligent driving automobile industry and technology as well as the exploration and practice of Dongfeng intelligent driving technology in a keynote speech entitled "Impact of Intelligent Electric Vehicle on Automotive Electronic Technology." He said smart cars are showing a trend of cross-discipline, interdisciplinary and cross-industry chains. The next two years will be the most critical window for the intelligent transformation of automobile electric power. Domestic enterprises should seize the strategic time window and establish the strategic pattern of intelligent automobile industry first.

Xiao Zuonan, General Manager of Suzhou Guoxin Technology

Then, Xiao Zuonan, general manager of Suzhou Guoxin Technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Thinking and Exploration of Domestic Automobile Electronic Chip Getting rid of the Current" Inner Volume "Dilemma." He said that automotive electronic chips began to enter the final stage in the second half of 2023, domestic chip manufacturers are too weak, subdivision track selection may be wrong. The transformation of automobile industry leads to the change of electronic appliance architecture, which makes the competition of automobile electronic chip format in the future different from the development track of the original industry giants. As for how to get rid of the dilemma, we should find and position ourselves in the value chain of the whole automobile electronic chip, find our own value point and strive to become the head.

Zhao Yi, Deputy General Manager of Jiwei Industry Consulting Business

Zhao Yi, deputy general manager of micro-industry consulting business, released the Development Report of China Automotive Semiconductor Industry. The report expounds the current situation and trend of automobile semiconductor development in China from IGBT, silicon carbide, analog chip, MCU, cockpit SoC, wafer foundry production line vehicle regulation certification and vehicle regulation chip test. Zhao Yi said that among the more than 60 enterprises interviewed, although 57% of the enterprises expect the sales revenue of automobile products in 2023 to be less than 100 million yuan, 32% of the enterprises believe that the sales growth rate of automobile products will increase by more than 100%, and 25% of the enterprises are expected to increase by 50%-100%, which shows that most enterprises have strong confidence in revenue in 2023.

round-table discussions

In the round-table discussion on "Promoting the Automobile Electronics Industry to Become Bigger and Stronger", Chen Feng, CMO of Ruixin Micro, presided over the round-table discussion. Cao Shuo, CEO of Geely Capital, Huang Yonghe, Director of the Chief Engineer Office of China Automobile Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., Ding Shaobin, General Manager of Dongfeng Asset Management, Ge Xinyu, Co-CEO of Junlian Capital, Wang Rongjin, Founding Partner of Xuan Yuan Capital, Wan Yucong, Chairman of Suzhou Qixin Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd., participated in the round-table discussion. Focusing on the development opportunities and challenges of the automobile electronics industry, In-depth dialogue and discussion were held on investment layout strategy, coordinated development of the industry and how to become bigger and stronger.

In addition, at the project sharing meeting held in the afternoon, Weifa Electronic Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., Jiongyi Electronic Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Bingling Intelligent Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xin Changzheng Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jingneng Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Wuhan Inverness Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuanjun Qixing Technology Co., Ltd., Runxin Micro Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Shijia Toubo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuanshixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Kerui Side Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Xinshiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Basic Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Xindingwei (Zhongshan) Optoelectronic Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Anhui Xinta Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Xinjian Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Xinyi Electronic Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Shiguang Xinke Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yudu Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Chuanzhi Yixin Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huafeng Technology Co., Ltd. have shared, exchanged and discussed their key projects, promoting relevant projects to open up capital chain, industrial chain and resource chain and accelerating the growth of invested enterprises.

On the whole, nearly 500 heavy guests, including government leaders, experts and scholars, professional semiconductor investment institutions, local state-owned investment, vehicle manufacturing enterprises, automobile chip enterprises and other company executives, as well as invested enterprises, discussed the changing automobile industry in this conference, talked about the development of Chinese automobile chips, and gained insight into the new trend of track investment. Their active participation and sharing exchange will not only be a high recognition and affirmation of the level of this conference, but also continuously promote the formation of joint efforts and effective integration of resources among policies, capital and enterprises, improve the independent innovation capability of China's vehicle regulation chips, build an independent, safe and resilient automobile supply chain, and further drive the upgrading and innovation of China's intelligent electric vehicle industry.

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