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Find N3 series new year discount surprise opened, to Gaoli province nearly 1400 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

On December 22, the New year discount for OPPO Find N3 series folding screen mobile phones was officially launched. Find N3 Flip New year discount 800 yuan; Find N3 New year limited time to enjoy "180 days only change" service; and Find N3 series "good things into a double wish box" launched, a combination of nearly 1400 yuan.

Find N3 Flip has become a small folding benchmark in 2023 with the industry's only super-light shadow shooting, a fully upgraded exclusive vertical large outer screen arbitrary window, and a new generation of elegant and stylish folding design. After the launch of the Find N3 Flip, it received positive market feedback and broke the industry's first-sale sales and sales records on the first day of sale. If you buy Find N3 Flip from now on, you can enjoy a New year discount of RMB800. the price is as low as RMB5999, and you still have the opportunity to get an Ambush joint phone case.

With its epoch-making image, system and security technology innovation, Find N3 provides the next generation of folding flagship experience, leading folding screen phones into a new generation. At the same time, the Find N3 is also the first folding screen phone to pass 1 million folding tests, achieving true "worry-free folding". From now on to January 1, 2024, purchase Find N3, you can enjoy "180 days only change without repair" service.

The Find N3 series "good things become a double wish gift box" is launched synchronously, including 1 Find N3, 1 Find N3 Flip and 2 Enco R Pro true wireless Bluetooth headsets. The gift box costs only 16399 yuan and saves nearly 1400 yuan. Users can go to designated offline stores to buy it.

For more information and discount information, please follow the OPPO website and other channels.

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