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Former CD Projekt veteran leads the team, "Dawnwalker: Origins" game setting diagram is exposed

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, source @ Kuraksis revealed that Rebel Wolves Studios is developing a new RPG game called "Dawnwalker: Origins", and the exact release date is not yet clear. Note: the studio is made up of the former CD Projekt development team, headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and founded by Conrad Konrad Tomaszkiewicz after he left CD Projekt.

Tomaszkiewicz, a veteran of CD Projekt Red, has been a story designer since the studio's first game, Wizard 2, in 2007. Wizard 2 was the chief task designer, became the game director of Wizarding 3: hunting and two feature films, Heart of the Stone and Blood and Wine, and finally rose to vice president of CD Projekt Red.

Tomaszkiewicz was investigated for office bullying for more than a month, although the investigation committee later found him innocent, but he still chose to leave his job.

Tomaszkiewicz then set up Rebel Wolves Studio, and Dawnwalker: Origins is the first work in the series, which will be built using Unreal engine 5.

According to the information revealed so far, the plot of the game "Dawnwalker: Origins" is set in a new dark fantasy world, located as an AAA-level game, and plans to launch PS5, Xbox Series S | X and PC platforms in 2025.

According to reports, the game is currently in the alpha development stage, the studio has released the game pre-alpha version of the game stills, currently nearly 100 people promote the game, there will be no micro-trading business.

According to the report, the studio also registered domain names for websites such as and in October and November 2023, and applied for related trademarks in 2021.

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