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Make an appointment with the writer Guan Yun, looking for the Great Tang Fenghua in Zhenguan Great idleness

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If you can travel back to the Tang Dynasty, what kind of "adventure" do you expect this to be? In the historical online article Zhenguan Great idle Man, the author Guan Yun wrote the Tang Dynasty style in his mind with humorous language. at the same time, Zhenguan Great idle Man also became one of the first network literary works included in the Chinese collection of the British Library.

In ancient times, the Tang Dynasty established its capital in Chang'an City; today, Chang'an has become Xi'an, where the story of "Zhenguan Great idle people" takes place. When the novel collides with reality, what kind of elegant demeanor of Datang can we feel? On December 20, Huawei browser held a meeting of great god writers in Xi'an Datang City, Huawei Intelligent Life Hall. The editor teachers Guan Yun and China Literature Group of China Literature Group were specially invited to the scene to lead everyone through the Zhenguan period. Look at the Datang picture scroll unfolded slowly.

Give birth to flowers in the pen, pass through Zhenguan, feel the great Tang Fenghua.

Guan Yun, a great god writer, inspired the creation of historical novels not only from his obsession with historical novels when he was a student, but also from the hot land under his feet-Xi'an. Before his creation, Guan Yun went to Xi'an to collect customs and visited the local museum. when he saw those exquisite products such as silver cakes, embroidered mats and costumes of the Tang Dynasty, he seemed to wear through history in an instant. The work tells the story of the adventurous journey of the modern youth Li Su to the stage of his official career, starting from the trial treatment of smallpox in the countryside. Li Su not only observes the local conditions and customs of Datang from his own perspective, but also strives to build Datang in his mind.

When it comes to the thinking behind his creation, Guan Yun believes that he should not only write a good story, but also use it as a carrier, give consideration to the writer's social responsibility, and integrate ancient Chinese culture, characters and feelings into his own creation as much as possible. inherit history and culture. " No matter how the times change, the thoughts left by the ancients are always treasures, and the valuable experience condensed in history leads the development of future generations. You can search "Zhenguan idler" for the browser novel channel and start reading to understand the magnificence of this period of history from relaxed and funny stories.

Come to China for browser novel channel, meet a good story

Huawei browser has its own unique experience in novel reading. As Huawei's own mobile app, readers can go to Huawei's browser novel channel to read a large number of legitimate books for free without downloading it. Is it too troublesome to find books? Enter the title or author's name directly in the search box on the home page and click on the novel search card to read. Whether you want to travel through historical novels such as Zhenguan, find self-awareness in modern society, or travel in the future world of science fiction, the rich books on the novel channel can help you find what you love. Quickly add your favorite book to the bookshelf and meet a good story anytime and anywhere!

In the future, Huawei browser novel Channel will continue to join hands with China Literature Group to put more high-quality works on the shelves. At the same time, more China Literature Group writers and readers will be invited to meet at zero distance to share with you the stories behind the creation of online articles. Share your unique insights, let the good things happen, and look forward to meeting each other!

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