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The new Himalayan launch "AI changes the voice of parents" to meet the needs of parents and children to read together.

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The growth of children is inseparable from the companionship and love of their parents. from the moment the child is born, the voice of parents has become one of the most familiar voices of the child, which can not only appease the child's emotion. it can also promote the development of children's language and cognitive ability. In order to provide better parent-child companionship service for children around the world, the new Himalayan AI has a separate function for parents to meet the needs of parent-child co-reading.

It is understood that the Himalayan AI voice change function embeds the voices of parents into the Himalayan children's story library using AI technology, so that parents can choose their own voice when playing stories for their children, just like parents telling stories to their children. The Himalayan Story Library covers Chinese and foreign classics, detective stories, poetry Sinology, fairy tales, fables, myths and legends, with a total of more than 30,000 stories, enabling parents in any industry to become "story kings".

There are many small listeners in the Himalayas, and Xiaoyu is one of them. Her parents chose the Himalayas as the medium of enlightenment education for her, and the Himalayan platform was also a "partner" who grew up with her from an early age. Now Xiaoyu has begun to read, but Himalayan audio is still growing up with her, providing her with help in her study and happiness in her life.

Recently, Xiaoyu especially likes to listen to Harry Potter audio books in the Himalayas. Xiaoyu's father tried to use the Himalayan AI voice-changing function to embed his voice into the platform, and the child was very happy to hear it. Xiaoyu's father said: "the Himalayas provide educational materials for our children, through which our parents can cultivate their children's interests, behavior habits and so on." As a cook, Xiaoyu's father needs to work late every day, does not spend much time with his children, and tells his children very few stories. He hopes that his voice can accompany his children. At the same time, he also hopes that more people can realize the value of audio in children's enlightening education.

Users can upgrade Himalayan App to version 9.1.66 or above, find "parents tell stories" under "Children's Services" in "my →" all Services, and then go to the function page to experience it. Click "customize my own timbre", and then follow the simple guide to record 5 pieces of text, each for about 1 minute. After submitting the recording, the system will conduct AI model training to customize the voice, and after the customization is successful, users can play their own voice on the "Mom and Dad Story" page or an album that supports AI transfer, and start a unique parent-child reading time.

Himalayan child member users can continue to enjoy this function, non-member users only need to pay a child membership fee of only 1 yuan, can continue to enjoy the AI voice change function for a continuous monthly package. Users who use this feature will see the "AI voice change" logo on the story playback page.

Himalayan children provide rich content resources for children aged 0 to 12, focusing on understanding their children and serving their parents. In the future, Himalayas will continue to explore the deep combination of artificial intelligence and audio, bring warm, happy and meaningful companionship to more families, and provide spiritual food for children's growth.

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