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Xiaomi launched Mijia high-speed hairdryer H501 gift box: contains the same color air cushion comb, to hand price 349 yuan

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According to news on December 22, Xiaomi recently launched a Mijia high-speed hairdryer H501 gift box, which contains a Mijia high-speed hairdryer H501 (early sunny purple), a daily element air cushion comb and a tuyere, with a hand price of 349 yuan. noted that the Mijia high-speed hair dryer H501 had been on the market before, with an initial price of 279 yuan. This hair dryer is equipped with 110000 rpm high-speed brushless motor and seven ultra-long air outlets to quickly generate strong air flow of 62 m / s. The wind speed is 5 times that of Mijia's low-speed basic hair dryer.

At the same time, this hair dryer features 57 °C constant temperature and high wind speed drying technology, drying hair with more comfortable temperature and high-speed soft air, reducing high temperature drying and protecting scalp and hair.

The product can adjust 2 wind speed and 4 wind temperature, and a total of 8 hair blowing modes can be switched freely. In the wind at the same time, it can also release about 200 million high concentrations of negative ions, quickly neutralize hair static electricity, reduce irritability and warp. Xiaomi's high-speed hairdryer H501 Thanksgiving gift box 349 yuan direct link

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