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Ant Shield issued a safety management plan for ride-hailing, which will be the first to land in Henan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, according to the official news of Ant Group, on December 21, Ant Shield released a dedicated "driving risk control engine" for ride-hailing, which improves ride-hailing operation efficiency and eliminates blind spots in safety management by integrating three major products: online car-hailing safety system, driver safety driving model and driver credit model.

Ant Group said that this plan will launch the first batch of customized ride-hailing "Haima EX00" of Zhihang Box, an independent brand in Henan Province, and is expected to significantly reduce risk events and corresponding vehicle premiums.

The customized ride-hailing car of ▲ Zhixing box, "Haima EX00", and Tu Yuan "Ant Group" official account, are also on the vehicle terminal. Ant Shield is based on the security specification of IIFAA (Internet trusted Certification Alliance) to develop security chips and insert digital car keys to prevent the risk of malicious car theft. In view of driving behavior, ant shield and Zhihang box jointly build a safe driving model based on body sensing and face recognition technology, and timely intervene in dangerous driving behaviors such as fatigue driving and phone calls by identifying the driving status of drivers to ensure the safety of drivers.

"Safety is the most important proposition for ride-hailing. A car accident will not only bring losses to at least two families, but also bring serious psychological shadow to the driver." Zhe Chunming, co-founder of Zhixing Box, who has worked in the online ride-hailing field for eight years, said that the traditional anti-fatigue system for ride-hailing drivers adopts an one-size-fits-all approach, taking a compulsory rest according to the length of time the driver has been online, and does not judge the driver's actual state. noted that Zhihang box custom ride-hailing boasts 300 + body data points, which can record vehicle data such as brake angle, turn signal on time, driver's appearance and so on in milliseconds, providing an important basis for risk intervention and car insurance liability, as well as complete and comprehensive data support for drivers' safe driving model.

As the driver's historical credit is also an important basis for ride-hailing risk management, ant shield will evaluate the driver's credit according to the driver's driving ability, professional experience, historical performance, management ability and other indicators to form a scientific driver evaluation system to guide drivers to improve service quality and promote the sound development of the industry.

In addition to safety management, Ant Shield and Zhihang Box will also give full play to their respective advantages and carry out all-round cooperation in ride-hailing driver services, asset operation, capital sorting and so on.

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