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A new intelligent security gate has been added to enter the postgraduate entrance examination in many places: it can indicate the specific location of hidden electronic equipment and upload data in real time.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 22, tomorrow (December 23), the 2024 national postgraduate entrance examination will officially begin. According to CCTV news, several provinces made it clear in the notes for the postgraduate entrance examination this year that new intelligent security door inspection links will be added when candidates enter.

It is reported that the intelligent security gates opened in many places this year can prevent cheating using wireless communication tools such as mobile phones and ensure the safety of exams. Long Kejun, deputy dean of the Graduate School of Changsha University of Science and Technology, said in an interview that the smart security door can clearly mark the specific location of devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches / bracelets, such as the body and legs.

At the examination site of Chongqing Medical University, two intelligent security gates have been set up 100 meters from the entrance to the examination room, which can simultaneously verify the identity of candidates and detect the specific location of hidden electronic equipment, and the security check data will also be uploaded to the relevant departments in real time for supervision.

However, if candidates have metal objects, pacemakers, metal dental appliances, or pregnant women, they need to issue certification materials from Grade II An or above hospitals and carry them with them during the examination. reminds readers who are about to take part in the postgraduate entrance examination: keep a stable state of mind, keep warm, and meet the challenges of the next two days (three days for some majors) in the best condition. I wish you all a great success in the first World War!

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