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To create a responsible AI, the large model team of Ant Group has invested nearly 20% of its manpower in building science and technology ethics.

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On December 21, the reporter learned at the 2023 annual meeting of the Ant Group Science and Technology Ethics Advisory Committee that the Ant Group large model research and development team invested nearly 20% of the technical personnel to build science and technology ethics, and also worked with eight university institutions to build a knowledge system of science and technology ethics to create a responsible AI.

In February this year, Ant Group formally established a Science and Technology Ethics Advisory Committee on the basis of the establishment of the company's internal science and technology ethics committee, which is composed of seven external experts. to provide directional, strategic and targeted guidance and suggestions for the construction of science and technology ethics of Ant Group.

Ni Xingjun, senior vice president of Ant Group and chairman of the Technology Strategy Committee, introduced the latest progress in the construction of science and technology ethics in Ant Group: in step with the capacity building and application exploration of large models, Ant Group continues to invest manpower and computing power to build risk assessment, defense mechanisms and capabilities. At present, large model ethics construction personnel account for nearly 20% of the total large model technical personnel, and will continue to maintain a high level and high intensity of investment in the future. In addition, the Science and Technology Ethics Committee will join the Ant Technology Research Institute to study cutting-edge ethical issues.

The large model has given birth to a new round of technological innovation and industrial change, and the resulting security problems can not be ignored. It is understood that Ant Group has been actively involved in trusted AI technology research since 2015. Around the goal of "safety, compliance, controllability and reliability", Ant Group has established a comprehensive safety management system of large models, which will maintain the continuous and high-intensity investment of human resources and computing resources in the future, and strengthen the safety management of large models.

▲ diagram: experts and scholars attending the meeting discuss the impact of large models on the social environment to build a responsible AI also requires the joint participation and efforts of the whole society. At the Bund Conference in September this year, Ant Group launched a large model ethics co-construction program with a number of university institutions, and has cooperated with 8 university institutions to jointly build a knowledge system of science and technology ethics.

Six members of the Science and Technology Ethics Advisory Committee of Ant Group-- Zhang cymbal, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorary dean of the Institute of artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, and Xu Yu, executive member of the China Society of Informatization. Li Renhan, visiting professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University and member of the National New Generation artificial Intelligence Governance Committee, and Duan Weiwen, Director of philosophy Research Office, Institute of philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Ben Shenglin, dean of the International Joint Business School of Zhejiang University and dean of the Institute of Financial Science and Technology; Wu Fei, director of the Institute of artificial Intelligence of Zhejiang University and executive vice dean of the Shanghai Institute of Advanced Studies of Zhejiang University; and Zhang Xiaoyan, vice dean of the Wudaokou School of Finance of Tsinghua University. Liang Zheng, vice dean of the Institute of International Governance of artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, and Ma Changshan, Dean of the Digital Rule of Law Institute of East China University of political Science and Law Xu Gang, Vice Dean of Law School of Tongji University and Secretary-General of Shanghai artificial Intelligence Social Governance Collaborative Innovation Center, Zhang Linghan, professor of data and Rule of Law Research Institute of China University of political Science and Law and member of expert group of United Nations high-level artificial intelligence consulting body, participated in the discussion. Experts at the meeting agreed that the emergence of large models is having a positive impact on economic and social development, but it is also accompanied by many challenges and risks, and the construction of its ethics of science and technology is of vital importance and arduous task.

Attaching importance to the construction of ethics of science and technology has become the consensus of the industry. It is reported that in addition to Ant Group, Ali, Baidu, Shangtang Technology and other domestic science and technology enterprises have set up a science and technology ethics governance committee or artificial intelligence ethics governance committee.

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