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A new batch of 40 imported games have been announced, and "Horizon: the desperate situation of the West" and "Boxing King 15" have been approved.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen SpongeBob for the clues picked up and delivered! December 22 news, the State Press and publication Administration today announced a new batch of imported game version numbers, 40 new games have been approved. found that well-known games such as Horizon: the desperate World of the West, Jianling 2, marching into the dungeon, Boxing King 15, and installation Simulator won the version number.

▲ Sony Horizon: the desperate situation of the West, in addition, Perfect World's "one punch Superman: the World", Gibbit's Thunder Network "Candle Dungeon 2", Zhongqingbao "Monster Train", Kaiying Network "about my reincarnation into Slim: the New World" and so on.

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