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Blockbuster update! QQ Music launched innovative experiences such as "my record Shelf" in version 2024.

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Today's younger generation is increasingly inclined to a refined aesthetic that combines practicality with a sense of design, believing in "the simplest and often the most fashionable", which is reflected in all aspects of daily life, including every APP they use. On December 21, QQ Music released a new version of "listening to I want to listen to Music is more Young" 2024, which is also QQ Music's 18th anniversary special edition. With its simple and advanced design, this brand-new version of the interface, icons and other visual elements perfectly fit the minimalist aesthetic pursuit of contemporary young people. In terms of functional features, the new version has launched a series of personalized interactive functions, such as "my record shelf", "city rhythm player", "2024 commemorative version player" and "timbre wizard", to fully meet the diversified needs of young music lovers.

Exquisite and simple design, highlighting the aesthetic style of young people

QQ Music 2024 version profoundly reflects the aesthetic preferences of young people in design. Compared with previous versions, the interface design of the new version is more concise, the use of colors is more introverted, and the more refined icons add a unique charm to the overall visual experience. These changes fit perfectly with the theme of "Music is more Young", showing a young and dynamic visual language.

When users open the main interface of QQ Music 2024, the first thing that catches their eyes is the exquisite and beautiful design of the big card. This design provides a strong sense of visual breathing, leaves a deep first impression in the hearts of music fans, and greatly improves the user experience.

In addition, the upgrades to the Music Hall and my pages are equally eye-catching. The flat and simplified design of the page makes the overall layout more refreshing and easy to navigate. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the aggregation design of the header function entrance of the "my" page greatly improves the convenience of users in finding functions, and reflects the in-depth understanding and respect for users' habits.

The first is the interesting function of "my record shelf" to meet the diversified needs of music fans.

While upgrading visually, QQ Music 2024 version is based on a deep insight into the user experience, incorporating a refined and emotional design concept into the interactive function, making listening to music more personalized.

In the "guess you like" function, it not only provides accurate recommendations according to users' music preferences, but also skillfully combines elements such as weather and time, increasing the possibility of emotional resonance. You can at a particular moment, be recommended a special song, and other fans around the world on the same timeline "wonderful encounter", this experience is undoubtedly very emotional and meaningful.

In addition, the 3D playlist function is also an innovative attempt. It uses the scene of the room to show different playlists and songs by clicking on indoor elements to create an immersive music experience for users. This combination of digital music and 3D visual scenes provides users with a new way to explore and share music.

There are many styles of music players, there is always one suitable for you.

In QQ Music's 2024 version, users will experience a series of innovative player designs, including a unique style of famous painting and city rhythm players, as well as creative customizable colorful film and textured album players. These novel players not only provide a more concise layout of the playback page, but also give users more freedom to customize their music experience. From the custom selection of button combinations to the diversified styles of the progress bar, to the personalized adjustment of record colors, every detail emphasizes a music world that belongs exclusively to the user.

In addition, QQ Music's 2024 version specially added the function of "listening to accompaniment". Users can now switch to the accompaniment version of the song at will, providing more inspiration for singing and creation. The new fan medal system, as well as recording multi-faceted active milestone data such as the number of days fans pay attention to artists, the length of listening to music, and the honorary title of the city, have raised the intimate relationship between fans and artists to a new level. so that every music fan can have memories worth cherishing.

Starting with a music player in 2005, QQ Music persisted in innovation and grew into a rich, diverse and young music streaming platform loved by hundreds of millions of users. Over the past 18 years, QQ Music has not only witnessed the growth of generation after generation, but also has always become an indispensable role in the youth story of countless people with its youthful content and personalized function. As a commemorative version launched at the age of 18, QQ Music's new version 2024 is not only an upgrade in function and experience, but also a deepening of the interaction and emotional connection between users and music. All these efforts and innovations are to make music closer to the hearts of users, younger and more dynamic, which is the real meaning of the existence of music-listen to what I want to hear, so that "music is more Young"!

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