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A hundred years of light and shadow painting dreams at a time when Konica Minolta joined hands with the Shanghai Printing Museum to light up the beautiful dreams of special children.

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(Shanghai, December 22) recently, the award ceremony and carnival of the 2023 Konica Minolta Special Children painting Handicraft Competition, organized by Konica Minolta Office Systems (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Konica Minolta"), which is the world's leading digital integrated value-added service provider, came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai Printing Museum.

Mr. Yuji Nakata, Chairman and General Manager of Konica Minolta, Ms. Ling Yun, Deputy Director of Marketing Integration Department of Konica Minolta, Ms. Wu Ying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Printing Museum, and other distinguished guests gathered at the event, together with the teachers and students of five special schools present to reveal the glorious moment of the children and witness the birth of the winners of the competition.

The 2023 Konica Minolta Special Children painting Handicraft Competition ended successfully.

Tracing back to the dream of light and shadow painting for a hundred years

This year coincides with the 150th anniversary of the founding of Konica Minolta. With the theme of "A hundred years of Light and Shadow painting a Dream at the right time", this competition invites children to freely use their imagination to write sincere birthday wishes for Konica Minolta with a childish paintbrush. Or use gorgeous colors to depict the future world in 150 years' time. Since the launch of the competition, Konica Minolta has collected a total of 58 paintings and handicrafts from 11 special schools in 7 cities across the country. After more than 80,000 people voted online, 15 excellent works entered the final review.

This time, Konica Minolta specially joined hands with the Shanghai Printing Museum to arrange the final evaluation session and the award ceremony to be held in the museum. As one of the first university ethnic culture museums in Shanghai, Shanghai Printing Museum fully shows the history and development of Chinese printing by displaying all kinds of cultural relics, documents, physical models, digital images and so on. As a multinational company with a history of 150 years, Konica Minolta has always focused on innovation and inheritance, and is committed to continuously improving its core imaging technology to provide one-stop smart solutions for users in business offices, digital printing and other industries. This time, the two sides work together to lead special children to explore the history of printing in the form of interactive visits and experiences, so as to further stimulate children's interest in learning, so as to gain a better understanding of the evolution of printing technology.

Shine on the childish innocence to build a dream hand in hand

At the scene of the event, Yuji Nakada, chairman of Konica Minolta, delivered an opening speech. He said: "I am very glad to see many excellent and creative paintings and handicrafts participating in the competition this year. I personally feel the children's blessing for the 150th anniversary of Konica Minolta and their vision for a better world in the future. At present, AI technology is developing rapidly, but creativity is still the unique and irreplaceable wisdom of human beings. I hope that children will continue to maintain this enthusiasm for artistic creation, and Konica Minolta will do its best to support children to realize their dreams. "

The chairman of Konica Minolta Nakata Yuji Nakata delivered an opening speech at the event.

Ms. Wu Ying, deputy director of the Shanghai Printing Museum, shared her feelings about her participation in the event: "the paintings in front of us are full of wonderful ideas, carrying each student's vision for the future." it also embodies the students' hopes for life ideals and happy life, and also represents their beautiful expectations for the world. I wish students can successfully find their own shining 'star' on the road in the future! "

Wu Ying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Printing Museum, delivered a speech.

It is worth mentioning that during the competition, the Konica Minolta public welfare team also visited special education schools in Chengdu, Xi'an, Guangzhou and other places. At the award ceremony, Konica Minolta shared the tidbits of the return visit to the guests, and the vivid photos made the guests feel the real growth and changes of the children.

Konica Minolta public welfare team paid a return visit to various special schools

As a representative of the special education school, Shen Haibin, a teacher from the Shanghai Feiye Art Special Education Center, expressed his sincere gratitude to Konica Minolta for its long-standing public welfare actions: "Konica Minolta has lit up a beam of light for the special children who are moving forward in a difficult situation." it gives them the opportunity to draw their own grand blueprint with their own artistic ideas. "

Shen Haibin, a teacher from Shanghai Feiye Art Special Education Center, delivered a speech.

After the guest spoke, the organizers announced the winners of the competition, including "Happy 300th Birthday" by Feijiaqi, Dong Li Fengmei Health School in Shanghai. "We are all a Family of the Earth" created by Meng Xinhan of Jing'an Nanyang School won the first prize. On behalf of Konica Minolta, chairman of Yuji Nakata presented awards and prizes to the students who won the first prize, and donated loving teaching materials to five special schools.

Konica Minolta chairman of Yuji Nakada (second from left) presents prizes to the first prize winners

Konica Minolta chairman of Yuji Nakada (third from left) donates loving teaching materials to 5 schools

In order to thank Konica Minolta for its support for the public welfare of special education and its care for special children, five special education schools have also carefully prepared gifts in return. These gifts not only reflect the school's full recognition of Konica Minolta's continued practice of special education public welfare, but also place a keen expectation on Konica Minolta to continue to hold more creative activities in the future. Konica Minolta Ling Yun received the gift on behalf of the minister on behalf of Konica Minolta.

Konica Minolta Ling Yun Minister (third from left) accepts gifts on behalf of Konica Minolta

After the award ceremony, the guests and the teachers and students of the five schools, led by the commentators, visited the Shanghai Printing Museum and participated in interactive activities to experience the unique charm of engraving printing technology.

The guests visited the Shanghai Printing Museum with the teachers and students of the five schools and experienced the engraving printing process.

At the end of the event, Ms. Ling Yun, Minister in charge of the Marketing Department of Konica Minolta, made a wonderful concluding remarks. She said: "it is the trust and support of special school teachers and students, socially responsible enterprises, institutions and media teachers for'Ke public welfare 'over the years that our special education public welfare undertakings have been able to last for 17 years and add value to this activity every year. Looking forward to the future, Konica Minolta looks forward to working with more partners to continue to contribute to education, environmental protection and social welfare, and to work together to build a more diverse, inclusive and loving society. "

Ms. Ling Yun, Minister of Market Integration Department of Konica Minolta, made wonderful concluding remarks.

Long-term concern for the public welfare of special education, with subtle actions to convey profound care. Since 2007, Konica Minolta has continued to help a number of special schools in the country to improve teaching equipment to meet the special education needs of children. Since the first "Special Children painting Handicraft Competition" was launched in 2011, Konica Minolta has held painting-handicraft competitions for special children for 13 years in a row. Under the guidance of the brand public welfare slogan of "where there is love, there is Koneng", in the future, Konica Minolta will cooperate with more enterprises with a sense of corporate social responsibility, NGO public welfare organizations and social caring people to provide stronger support for special education and continue to empower the realization of a better society!

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