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Tencent QQ launch 2023 annual report: take a look at who is the best friend to chat with you this year

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for their witty BLACK and Hongru clue delivery with smile! According to news on December 22, Tencent QQ recently launched the 2023 annual report. Users can type "Annual report" in the search box of App. (or click here to jump)

The 2023 "QQ Annual report" has been newly released! How long have you chatted in QQ this year? Which friend is at the top of your TOP3 chat list? How many friends are you particularly concerned about? Which expression in QQ is your favorite this year? Everything you want to know will be solved for you in the QQ2023 annual report!

This year's "QQ Annual report" includes the number of days registered, the number of days logged in this year, the period of time commonly used online, the latest time of chat, the number of friends you have chatted with, the total number of new friends and friends, the first chat friend this year and the most friends in a single day, the number of users you are particularly concerned about, the number of users who have joined the group chat, the number of comments made by Qzone, the number of friends who like the most, and so on. Similarly, this year's report also added the popular element of "personality analysis" (similar to MBTI personality analysis).

According to, Tencent's QQ mobile version has officially ushered in the update of QQ 9. At present, the official website has launched a new introduction page, with iOS version upgraded to 9.0.1 and Android version upgraded to 9.0.0.

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