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MSI released Aegis titanium 14-generation brand host to help e-sports and the design peak

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On December 22, MSI announced the launch of a new generation of brand mainframe, the Aegis Titanium 14 series, which is equipped with Intel 14 Kerry processor and RTX40 series graphics cards. This series of hosts leads the trend with their diversified configurations and pure white design, and aims to provide users with a silky e-sports game and design office experience.

Superior performance to meet a variety of needs

The Aegis Ti 14 mainframe offers a variety of processors and graphics cards, ranging from the high-end 14900KF+Z790 motherboard + 4090 graphics card to the mainstream 14600K with B760M motherboard. Users do not need to worry about complex configuration and installation, they can easily choose the configuration scheme that suits their personal needs. The powerful performance of Intel Core processor and 40 series graphics cards provides high-quality support for e-sports games and design rendering to meet users' pursuit of high performance.

The appearance is simple and atmospheric, and the white design leads the trend

Aegis titanium 14 generation mainframe with pure white design style, simple atmosphere. It not only has a fashionable appearance, but also has a compact structure, occupies less space, and provides users with a more flexible experience.

Memory and storage upgrades to meet more needs

The full range of hosts are equipped with 32GB's DDR5 memory, which provides powerful support for high-performance computing. In terms of storage, users can choose different specifications of 1T or 2T according to their needs to meet the needs of large-capacity storage, allowing users to play games and deal with large design files without worry.

Plug and play, considerate 3-year warranty after-sales service

Microstar Aegis titanium 14 generation mainframe as a brand host, not only plug and play, but also provide intimate and convenient after-sales service better than DIY host. The mainframe supports 3-year warranty and enjoys the after-sales policy of 3-year door-to-door service, providing users with a full range of protection and peace of mind to buy experience.

Pre-sale of the first launch, multiple discounts waiting for you.

Now, the Aegis titanium 14-generation mainframe is being pre-sold at the flagship stores on the microstar line. Depending on the configuration specifications, the price of the microstar Aegis titanium 14 mainframe ranges from 6,000 to 30,000 yuan. During the initial period, the preferential benefits are given, and the activities of each store are different, including multiple concessions and benefits for users to choose according to their needs. Do not miss the opportunity, quickly log on to the microstar online flagship store to experience the new e-sports and design enjoyment brought by the 14th generation of Aegis titanium!

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