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Black Canyon Z2 Twilight Rock Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Keyboard release: three-mode connection, initial price 599 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, HEXGEARS Black Canyon launched a Z2 Twilight Rock aluminum alloy mechanical keyboard, the first activity price of 599 yuan, using CNC Seiko to build.

The keyboard shell is carved from a whole piece of aluminum alloy, the surface adopts anodizing process, the whole is red and yellow color matching, 82 key layout.

The keyboard features the BlackBerry ice cream shaft Pro, jointly launched by Black Canyon and Kaihua, which is a linear shaft with five-legged hot plug and a PBT keycap.

In addition, the keyboard adopts GASKET structure, supports three-mode connection, carries 5000mAh battery, and supports RGB lamp effect.

The keyboard is currently available in Douyin Black Canyon Digital flagship store with an initial price of RMB599. parameter table attached to

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