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Gaode taxi-hailing launches three special activities to ensure faster and more secure travel in the New year.

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Today is the traditional festival the Winter Solstice, with the atmosphere of entering the New year getting stronger and stronger, from now on to New Year's Day, travel peak will be ushered in all over the country. Today, Gao de taxi launched a special campaign to travel in the New year, with three major capabilities to ensure that the majority of users travel faster and more at ease in the New year.

Data mining + AR real scene recommendation boarding point to provide dredging services for popular business areas.

People often take part in various New year's activities on New year's Eve, and the popular business district has become an area of concentrated travel. Gaode Taxi will provide dredging services for the country's top 100 popular business circles to help users choose and go to the boarding point more accurately and get on the bus faster.

Around the top 100 popular business circles, Gaode taxi hailing has recommended boarding points through data mining, and most of the recommended boarding points are non-congested and easy to park, making it more convenient for passengers and drivers to meet.

In addition, Gaode taxi AR car search, real-time car search and other functions can help users go to the recommended boarding point more accurately and faster. On the main roads across the country, Gaud's recommended boarding points can display real-world pictures around, and users can navigate there on foot. In addition, taxi hailing in Gaode, the main scenic spot in the country, has also launched the AR live car search function, and users can use AR navigation to find the boarding point.

The fare bodyguard takes the initiative to guard the passenger's purse.

Fare is one of the issues that passengers are most concerned about. In order to make travel more secure in the New year, Gaode taxi hailing has upgraded its fare bodyguard service with the support and guidance of consumer rights protection agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and cities. All cooperative ride-hailing platforms are fully covered.

Fare bodyguards creatively realize the active protection of consumers' rights and interests. Relying on Gaud's technical ability, the fare bodyguard can real-time detect the fare change caused by the change of driving route, road congestion and other factors, and check with the estimated fare.

Thus, before consumers find or complain, the fare bodyguards can take the initiative to find large fluctuations in fares and remind consumers to pay attention. If the fluctuation is reasonable, for example, if there is a traffic jam, the fare bodyguard will take the initiative to explain to the passengers the reasons for the fare change. The unreasonable fare identified by the bodyguard, such as the driver's detour, Gaud taxi-hailing promised to pay compensation for consumers in advance.

At present, the proportion of active protection for fare bodyguards prior to consumer complaints has reached 93%.

After drinking, the reporting service ensures that the ride is more secure.

There will be more drunken passengers during the New year. Gaode Taxi provides passengers with drunken ride reporting service to ensure passengers' peace of mind.

After passengers report for drunken ride, Gaode taxi will synchronize this information to the online ride-hailing platform to remind drivers to pay attention to the safety of passengers. Gaud Taxi will also use IVR phone and other functions to prompt passengers to share their itinerary, inform passengers to arrive at their destination, and remind passengers to take their belongings with them.

In addition, Gaode taxi-hailing and cooperative ride-hailing platform also uses the safety travel model, pre-festival driver safety training and other offline capabilities to ensure the safe driving of drivers.

Hundreds of online ride-hailing platforms are commission-free to encourage drivers to get out to help taxi hailing faster.

In order to ensure that users can get a taxi faster, more than 100 ride-hailing platforms of the commission-free alliance launched commission-free for the New year today to encourage more drivers to drive. From now on to January 1, commission exemption will be carried out in more than 360 cities across the country, with a maximum period of up to 70 hours. In addition, the Commission-Free Alliance has also prepared 150 million yuan for drivers to drive in the New year, and the per capita reward for drivers is expected to reach a new high.

This time, Shuangdan is commission-free, and Gaode car-hailing platform, as an aggregation platform, further opens its technical capabilities to the online ride-hailing platform, providing the cooperative ride-hailing platform with a forecast of the peak travel period for different cities. accordingly, each ride-hailing platform can more accurately set commission-free periods according to the travel peak, maximizing the benefit of drivers and passengers.

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