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[out of the box] iQOO Neo9's "Red and White Soul" Picture: red and White, "binary duel"

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, the iQOO Neo9 series of phones will be released at 19:00 on December 27, and now the look and feel of the iQOO Neo9 has been officially lifted. now brings iQOO Neo9 "Red and White Soul" color matching picture appreciation.

According to the official description, red and white has the core of "duality". I would like to pay tribute to my determination to break through myself and the courage to launch a challenge.

In the process design, iQOO Neo9 "Red and White Soul" adopts double texture skin splicing technology, in which carbon cellulose skin is used in rice-white area, litchi skin is used in red area, and 0.32mm ultra-fine periosteum is spliced together.

In addition, iQOO Neo9 also has "nautical blue" color matching, using enamel texture glass process, and "fighting black" color matching using fluorite AG glass process.

IQOO Neo9 is standard with Neo "the highest" capacity battery in history, reaching 5160mAh, while realizing the thickness reduction of the whole machine to 7.99mm. Officials also said that while extending the range, the fuselage was not aggravated, but more "thinner". According to reports, the product uses the "nuclear boat architecture", known as "performance plus code, feel load reduction", thinning 0.37mm than the previous generation of 382 miniaturized designs, saving 8.7% space.

In terms of configuration, iQOO Neo9 confirmed that it was equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the Pro version was equipped with Tianji 9300 processor, and the whole system was equipped with Q1 self-developed e-sports chip and 1.5K 144Hz 8T display screen.

In addition to the Neo9 series of phones, iQOO WATCH smartwatches and iQOO TWS 1e headphones will also be unveiled at the new product launch on December 27, when will bring detailed reports.

At present, other information of Neo9 series products is still in the period of secrecy. will bring the first time evaluation experience after lifting the ban. Please look forward to it.

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