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Create a beautiful ecological environment together! Beautiful air conditioner air aesthetics best friend 100 plan designer grand ceremony was successfully held!

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Create a beautiful ecological environment together! Beautiful air conditioner air aesthetics best friend 100 plan designer grand ceremony was successfully held!

On December 20, the designer ceremony of Midea's Best Friends of Air-conditioning and Air Aesthetics was successfully held in Guangdong. Many outstanding designers gathered with industry experts to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on home decoration, home appliance integration design trends and beauty ecological environment. At the same time, outstanding designer representatives also shared home air aesthetic design works, and honored 100 outstanding designers.

As the first beautiful air conditioning air aesthetics designer competition, it aims to explore the aesthetic creativity of elite designers, take air aesthetics as the starting point, create a new era aesthetic space, and work with designers to create a wise air and a better life in the whole house.

Beautiful air conditioner x designer, exploring the new trend of home air aesthetic design

At the event site, the aesthetic space concept design of [air designer] is particularly eye-catching. The creative space, through spring sowing, summer ploughing, autumn harvest, winter Tibet four seasons home, a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation of the eight major trends of modern living environment, combined with the integration of home improvement and innovative design, the reconstruction of comfortable breathing, home aesthetic space.

In the post-epidemic era, people pay more attention to the home environment. As an important factor affecting people's quality of life, home air quality has attracted more and more attention. At the same time, under the influence of multiple factors, such as the upgrading of quality consumption, people's pursuit of household aesthetics, and the improvement of the proportion of fine decoration houses, household appliances and home decoration designs continue to integrate. Neat and fashionable embedded, integrated and customized household has become the mainstream of the household appliance market, and the pre-consumption of household decoration has become increasingly obvious, which also makes the relationship between household design and household appliances closer. And the beautiful household central air conditioner holds the air aesthetics design competition, which is of great long-term significance to promote the better life of human settlements.

In order to better show the creative design concept of "customize good air, design good life", the event site, outstanding designer representatives, but also shared their home air aesthetic design works. These excellent customizable innovative home aesthetic designs not only reflect designers' unique understanding of home aesthetics, but also show their concern and pursuit of air quality. By sharing their own design ideas and work cases, they inject new design inspiration and thinking into the ideal human settlement and a better life.

Talking about the significance of holding the competition, Zhang Li, president of the China Interior Decoration Association, said that we focus on the healthy, intelligent, diversified development needs and consumer pain points of the air environment, in order to create a beautiful platform for the common growth of air conditioners and designers, and to explore innovative design. to promote the healthy development of the household industry. In the future, it is hoped that designers will pay more attention to the living air environment, focus on air aesthetics, and contribute to the broad masses of consumers to embrace good air and design a good life.

Focus on air aesthetics and create a better life of wisdom and air in the whole house.

Based on users' pursuit of home aesthetics and high air quality, beautiful air conditioners join hands with designers to bring customized smart air solutions to the whole house by giving full play to their own advantages. With the cooperation of Midea's household central air conditioner and designers, we can tailor the most suitable air solution for each family according to the actual needs of users and the characteristics of indoor environment, so as to create a new era aesthetic space.

In view of the diversified needs of users for the air of the whole house, Midea launched the products represented by the beautiful designer central air conditioning and the beautiful navigator Ⅲ all-season central air conditioning, which not only integrates the space with various decoration design styles, but also uses the whole space, full intelligence, good air and customization to solve the problems of space temperature, humidity and cleanliness in complex space, complex seasons and complex environment.

Take Midea's design household central air conditioner as an example, this air conditioner has a powerful formaldehyde removal function, and provides users with intelligent aldehyde removal solutions for different seasons, before and after different stages of use. It is equipped with advanced aldehyde removal technology, with the cooperation of aldehyde removal machine + new fan + humidifier to create a high heat and humidity environment to accelerate the release of formaldehyde in the room, decompose formaldehyde through the formaldehyde removal module of the formaldehyde internal machine, combined with new fan ventilation, to achieve dual efficient aldehyde removal, better protection for the health of the family. In addition, it can also match the fresh air, floor heating, humidification and other systems according to the needs of users, which can not only meet people's demand for temperature, but also customize the good air of the whole house through the humidity, comfort, cleanliness and other dimensions of the air.

Under the blessing of Midea's household central air conditioning hard core products, designers can choose different customized special internal machines according to the housing environment and user needs, such as solar oxygen multi-effect clean internal machines suitable for children's rooms and solar oxygen with sterilization and purification functions. and suitable for the living room ultra-thin fuselage light tone operation internal machine, and choose fresh air system, humidification system, floor heating system, give home decoration design more free space. In particular, the design of household central air conditioning, there is a special aldehyde removal module, can better for the front market users to create a healthy and fresh air beauty home.

The Air Aesthetics Best Friends 100 talents Project designer ceremony organized by Midea Air Conditioner not only provides a platform for designers to show their talents, but also injects fresh vitality and impetus into the home design industry. As the creator of the smart air solution for the whole house, Midea's household central air conditioner will continue to uphold the vision of "perfect science and technology and beautiful life", and will be able to promote the development of home decoration design industry and create a beautiful ecological environment. Through in-depth cooperation and innovative exploration with designers, it will bring users a more comfortable, healthy and beautiful living environment.

It is worth mentioning that in 2024, Mei Air Conditioner will continue to hold the Air Aesthetics designer Competition, and will continue to join hands with excellent designers to renovate the wisdom of the whole house and a better life, and continue to promote the innovative development of the home design industry!

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