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Pet fans don't stop! Jay Chou broadcast the new exclusive spoiler song live, with a total of more than 190 million viewers.

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"Hello everyone, I am the real Jay Chou! "At 20 o 'clock on the evening of December 17, Jay Chou, dressed in a hoodie and jeans, started the exclusive live broadcast of" Oh, good Zhou Youji "on time, and laid a relaxed and cheerful tone for the online meeting with small jokes. Laugh at the brothers, interact with lucky fans, flip the old iron contribution works, the first new song information on the whole network... His warm-hearted business ushered in enthusiastic response,"super love Jay,""Jay so cute" and other bullet screens continue to brush up.

During the nearly two-hour live broadcast, the influx of viewers proved their love for Jay Chou with practical actions. According to the data, the number of exclusive live broadcast reservations for "Good Zhou Youji" exceeded 10.79 million, the highest number of simultaneous online users in the direct broadcast room reached 6.39 million, the total number of viewers exceeded 190 million, and the cumulative number of likes reached 570 million. Based on the positioning of "mass entertainment," Fast Hand Entertainment once again makes national superstars really approach ordinary people by creating benign interaction between stars and audiences.

Hold mysterious award ceremony, the first new song information on the whole network

Jay Chou, who rarely appears in public as a top Chinese music player, has long regarded fast hands as a channel to establish direct contact with fans. Coincides with the variety show "Zhou Youji 2" hot broadcast and brand-new single release soon, Jay Chou hopes to have an old friend party with the fast-handed old iron through the form of live broadcast, in the live broadcast, Jay Chou said frankly,"This kind of close direct question and answer, I think it is great ah, this kind of interaction, actually I also like alas!" "

In order to unlock the little-known "Zhou classmate" in the eyes of a friend, this live broadcast specially planned an award ceremony of "everyone wins prizes." In the laughter, Jay Chou, the initiator of "J-style Journey," presented individual awards to members of the "Zhou Youji 2" brotherhood as a judge. Lin Weiheng, Du Guozhang, Cai Weize, Chen Guanlin, Fang Jiande, Chen Guanting and other "travel partners," not only show magic, dance and other talents, but also exclusively revealed Jay Chou's lovely side in life.

In the broadcast room, Jay Chou, 44, seems to be a big boy next door. While playing with his best friend for many years, he doesn't forget to interact with the fast-handed old iron in the air. He will read the bullet screen of "Please give Jay more shots" to add program effect to his old friend's speech; he will read out the contents in brackets on the teleprompter, showing humor and sincerity in front of the audience; The casual and funny atmosphere, much like his leading "Zhou Youji 2," made fans shout "Jay Chou really doesn't treat the audience as outsiders."

It is worth mentioning that "Oh, good Zhou Youji" also has a link with wheat. A family of four from Northeast China became the first "strongest fan" in the "fans challenge" and successfully obtained the opportunity to interact with Jay Chou. This young couple not only grew up with Zhou's music, but also gained love and a small family. The MP4 that can't be turned on and the posters that have been collected for many years are the marks that Jay Chou left in their youth. The family sings in front of idols and gets concert tickets, which brings them new surprises.

Jay Chou has been out for 23 years and has created countless excellent songs. In the live broadcast, he also gave the key information of the new song exclusively to the fast hand old iron network for the first time: the song name is three words, the third word is "star," the MV has a similar warm scene in the direct broadcast room, the prelude has the sound of firewood in the fireplace... In the face of questioning, Jay Chou said: "I should not have written this theme specially before, I will prompt this! "leave the fans guessing. At 0 o 'clock on December 22, Jay Chou's new song MV will be launched on time in the fast hand, but also can unlock the new song surprise content.

Fade the national superstar halo and play with the old iron

At the end of the live broadcast, the fast-handed old iron who stood out from the topic #Zhou Youji's gathering order performed Zhou's music style with singing, pipa, matouqin, saxophone and suona in the short film. Welcome "Zhou Youji 3" to his hometown, which attracted Jay Chou's praise. He also said that he would donate all the reward income from the live broadcast to the China Rural Development Foundation. When the caption "I believe so, you're still on the next live broadcast," the online meeting will also end with full positive energy and audience reluctance.

As Jay Chou's first and only Chinese social platform, the cooperation between Fast Hand and Jay Chou is more long-lasting and colorful. Since 2020, Jay Chou has been expressing his life ideas through Short Video and live broadcasts. He records daily life, shares interests and hobbies, displays work trends, forwards his second creation works, and lets fans see an idol that is not just printed on record covers or standing in TV lenses. Fading the aura of national superstar, he became what everyone called "Zhou classmate," making fans feel "very close to Jay" and "continuing the aftertaste of youth."

At the same time, Fast Hand Entertainment also creates opportunities for fans to re-recognize Jay Chou and interact deeply with him through various innovative play methods. Cool "pet powder magic live premiere", welcome the new spring "already come, then happy" singing chat meeting, exclusive to the fast-hand old iron "new works can say secret", trigger collective nostalgia online "brother friend meeting"... In different themes of live broadcast, fast hand entertainment tailor-made differentiated play method for Jay Chou, not only to promote a live broadcast event, but also let platform users and stars really play together.

In "Ouch Good Zhou Youji," Fast Hand Entertainment has also made a lot of innovative attempts, not only launched the interactive answer "Jie Fan Big Challenge," topic challenge #Zhou Youji compilation of the old iron call order, but also launched a one-click face-changing to generate album cover "AI time film" function, at the same time launched "Zhou Youji" flash template,"Jie Fan Big Challenge" fun magic table and other play methods, so that users can enjoy the addiction of creation. In addition, like special effects, comment special effects, theme gifts and other exclusive eggs, but also let fans participate in online interaction fun. At the same time, according to Jay Chou's new song spoilers during live broadcast, Fast Hand also launched a new song name guessing activity, Meet December 22 to witness the new song surprise content together.

Based on "mass entertainment," create a unique star ecology

Stars whose works are popular and highly national have always been scarce resources in the entertainment field. Based on the unique community atmosphere constructed by truth, equality and trust, fast-hand entertainment is constantly favored by stars. It is reported that more than 2100 star accounts have settled in fast-hand, with an overall fan count of more than 1.5 billion, including Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, Cai Yilin and other national superstars, as well as popular artists such as Di Lieba and Huang Zitao; There are not only comedy stars such as Guo Degang and Yue Yunpeng, but also new generation idol groups such as the Youth League of the Times.

At the same time that the "star flavor" is getting stronger and stronger, Fast Hand Entertainment always adheres to the positioning of "mass entertainment." On the one hand, it creates an open, inclusive and free star powder interactive culture, which urges stars to break the standard human design, fully express themselves and produce a large number of high-quality content with grounding qi. On the other hand, it realizes the IP operation of super-head star content, and regards live broadcasting as an important form reflecting "stars and ordinary people playing together," gradually forming a star live broadcasting ecology with more "old iron flavor."

On the fast-hand platform,"reality" has become an increasingly valued quality of stars, and fans are happy to see stars "more and more like ordinary people." It can be said that the long-term deep cooperation between Jay Chou and fast hand reflects the two-way choice between star and platform, star and audience. Not only can the richness and diversified performance of artists be carried and released in fast hand, but the fast-hand star ecology with "people" as the leading role, its own vitality, richness and freedom will also be constantly displayed.

In the future, with the release of new works and new opportunities, Jay Chou will continue to carry out a series of activities including exclusive Short Video, exclusive live broadcasts, interactive play methods, etc. with fast hands. Quickly search and pay attention to "Zhou classmate", everyone together to see more possibilities of Jay Chou.

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