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Be affirmed again! Hisense businessmen show that they have won two industry awards of "Golden Peacock Award".

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the annual 2023 audiovisual industry summit forum and "Golden Peacock Award" award ceremony was held in Shenzhen. As an influential, widely participated and authoritative event in the industry, this conference revolves around the theme of "audio-visual ecological integration, cross-border gathering", and aims to create a summit forum for the development of the entire audio and video industry chain. gather the big names of the industry and accelerate the reform and development of the audio-visual industry.

At the meeting, the annual brand selection award "Golden Peacock Award" was presented. After three months of expert review and netizens' voting, Hisense business showed that it won the "2023 Intelligent Conference flat Panel Brand Award" and "2023 COB small spacing Brand Award" for its excellent product power, ultra-high independent R & D performance and excellent market performance.

At present, the scene-based experience upgrade is reshaping the competitive pattern of the display industry. Hisense commercial shows deep technological innovation, through product innovation continues to lead the industry scene change.

With the development of 5G, UHD, AI and other technologies, the office conference scene is also more inclined to intelligent and efficient immersive experience, but the current conference equipment still has some problems, such as insufficient performance, stuttering picture, noisy sound quality, unstable content transmission and so on. This year, Hisense Commercial display enriches the lineup of Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet products for corporate customers' office, conference, display and other subdivision needs, and launches a variety of conference tablets and conference televisions, including flagship model U series, professional model P series, smart model S series and so on. The product lineup covers touch and non-touch products, creating multi-size products ranging from 65 inches to 100 inches, focusing on the core scene of the "smart conference" to empower the digital transformation of government and enterprises. At present, Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet has successively landed Qingdao City Investment Group, Guiyang Agricultural Commercial Bank, China Tobacco, China Life Insurance, State Grid and so on, deeply enabling office quality improvement and efficiency, helping enterprise customers to transform and upgrade digitally.

In addition, Hisense LED splicing screen COB star map series won the "2023 COB small spacing Brand Award". As the latest work of Hisense commercial display in the field of Mini LED, Hisense LED spliced screen COB star map series has been recognized by the industry since its launch because of its leading industry product features in link architecture, picture quality performance, energy saving and low consumption. According to reports, Hisense LED splicing screen COB star map series innovative links, with "SOC+ASIC" scheme to replace the "sending card + receiving card" scheme for signal transmission, and in the picture quality performance is more exquisite and excellent, color restoration is more accurate, reaching the studio A standard, can perfectly match the use needs of the command center, studio, exhibition and other scenes. In addition, Hisense LED splicing screen COB star map series is still excellent in energy saving, comfort, intelligent maintenance and other aspects, so that users have lower maintenance costs and better use experience.

For Hisense Business display, the award of "2023 Intelligent Conference tablet Brand Award" and "2023 COB small spacing Brand Award" is not only an honor, but also the affirmation and encouragement of the market, industry and media to the brand. In the future, Hisense Business Show will continue to adhere to the original intention, continue to launch excellent products and solutions, and give back to the industry and customers.

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