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Aiming at the future of AI PC, Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition is waiting for you to fight!

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With the official landing of Intel Core Ultra platform and AIPC, the main question facing Intel and OEM manufacturers is how to let more ordinary users know what AIPC is. How do I use AIPC? And what new and fundamental changes can AIPC bring to its own applications compared with traditional PC? By solving these three problems, we can lay a solid foundation for the future development of AIPC.

For new business type, new products and new technologies, one of the most effective ways to expand their influence is to hold corresponding events. Because this form can not only cover products, technologies and industries, but also attract the participation of developers and ordinary audiences, and at the same time, it can also quickly explore some innovative application ways. and intuitively show the application results of products and technologies to the audience, it can be said to kill more than one stone.

Intel joined hands with Lenovo to hold Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition

Based on this, Intel joined hands with Lenovo to announce the formal holding of Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition. The event will start on December 16, 2023 and will last for five months. The vast number of developers will make use of AIPC based on Intel hardware and software tool suites, and take advantage of the excellent computing, graphics and AI acceleration capabilities of Core Ultra platform to develop, promote and demonstrate innovative AI-based applications. On the one hand, developers are encouraged to quickly integrate, contact and use AIPC development environment, on the other hand, they can also bring more rich and perfect AI application ecology to users. So that AI can benefit thousands of users and industries through AIPC.

This competition, for individual developers or spectators, can get access to the most cutting-edge technology, can directly participate in the practice of AI application innovation, can achieve something in industry-university cooperation, and can also obtain competition training certificates and entry certificates to endorse themselves professionally. For enterprises, it is an excellent opportunity for technology brand exposure, while helping to expand business opportunities for industrial cooperation and accelerate the growth of enterprises.

At the same time, this competition has set up two tracks for enterprises and individuals, as well as the first, second and third prizes and a number of special awards to provide strong support for the follow-up and sustainable development of AI innovation and application.

The competition officially started registration on December 16, 2023. The preliminary entries will be submitted before February 24, 2024, the semi-finalists will be announced on March 1, the finalists will be announced on April 22, and the offline defense and award ceremony will be completed on May 10-11. For more details and participation, you can jump to the official competition page [click here].

Intel is the advocate and practitioner of AIPC

Since Intel first formally put forward the concept of AIPC at the Innovation Technology Conference in September this year, the vision of "making AI ubiquitous" has been steadily realized.

But in fact, Intel realized the dynamic power allocation of DLBoost and DynamicTuning through AI technology as early as the 10th generation Coolie processor. Since then, the GNA2.0 neural network accelerator and the artificial intelligence acceleration instruction set of VNNI and DP4a have been introduced into the 11th generation Kerry processor, which further strengthens the AI attribute of the core platform.

Therefore, the new core Ultra platform introduces NPU low-power AI acceleration module, while CPU and GPU can also be competent for different types of AI application tasks, which is not only natural, but also the fruit of Intel's continuous investment in the AI field for many years.

Today, Intel Core Ultra is almost the only hardware platform in the industry that can accelerate CPU, GPU and NPUAI at the same time. It plays a cornerstone role in promoting the rapid and comprehensive popularization of AI applications.

AI technology-related applications from the laboratories of academic research institutions to civilian use, AIPC can be said to be the best medium at present, not one of them. PC devices have better computing power assembly than tablet computers and smartphones, and are better than other devices in terms of versatility and compatibility.

On top of this natural advantage, Intel Core Ultra platform provides application acceleration of AI technologies such as voice recognition and image recognition through CPU; AI application acceleration related to graphics and floating-point operations such as image rendering through Ruixun iGPU; and low-power AI acceleration through NPU, with comprehensive coverage of FP16, BF16, Int8 and Int4 computing, so as to meet the needs of different users.

In terms of the underlying software framework, Intel provides a suite of software tools that can call CPU, GPU and NPU through programming, and only need to make appropriate optimization and modification to complete the transfer of computing power, thus providing developers with a convenient and easy-to-use underlying development environment.

In addition to hardware and software, the development goal of AIPC is to popularize and then apply, especially how to improve the experience and efficiency of ordinary users from AI technology. At this time, the value of Intel artificial intelligence innovation and application competition is highlighted. As mentioned earlier, holding events is one of the best ways to popularize new things, and it can quickly establish connections among ecological partners, developers, professional users and public users, thus bringing benefits to the popularity of AIPC and related application innovation.


The continuous accumulation and transformation of artificial intelligence technology in the past decade has really landed on the application side in the way of AIGC, and the application of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a revolutionary opportunity for the PC industry.

In the past few years, the PC industry has gradually entered a stage of weak innovation, and there are not enough exciting innovation points in both product form and application level. At present, the application derived from artificial intelligence technology undoubtedly makes the innovation of PC industry see a new direction.

As the first company to put forward the concept of AIPC and the idea of "making AI ubiquitous", Intel has a deeper insight into the value of artificial intelligence applications. With Intel Core Ultra and AIPC, artificial intelligence applications are bound to really change people's way of life, entertainment and work in the near future, and it will make PC users enter the intelligent era.

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