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Domestic PCIe4.0 SSD new product Christmas debut: Baiwei NV7400, 4TB optional!

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With the Intel 14th processor on the market, with more and more mature DDR5 high-frequency memory, the overall performance of consumer-grade PC once again broke through a new high. And as a PC hardware troika in the SSD solid-state drive, naturally can not slow down. At a time when the PCIe 5.0 SSD is still in its infancy, the flagship PCIe 4.0 SSD has become the first choice for the ultimate performance experience.

Baiwei, a large domestic storage company, has made every effort to create its e-sports product line: WOOKONG Wukong series. As the name implies, this series takes our monkey brother Sun WuKong as the "spokesperson".

Baiwei WOOKONG Wukong series IP

As a brand committed to providing users with cutting-edge storage technology and high-quality storage products, Baiwei always adheres to professionalism and dedication, empowers the information society with storage technology, follows popular culture, and pays close attention to the needs of users. to create a comfortable data processing experience for users. The first wave launched the flagship PCIe 4.0 SSD--NV7400. With Monkey Brother stepping into the sky, the King returns, and its sequential reading speed can reach the maximum of 7450MB/s, close to the extreme value of PCIe 4.0. and it can provide the super capacity, capacity and speed of 4TB, allowing your data transmission and storage experience to evolve in an all-round way.

WOOKONG Wukong series currently contains DDR5 high-frequency memory and M.2 high-speed SSD products. Wukong's name symbolizes honor and responsibility. Wukong's ability can be described as heaven and earth, a somersault cloud of 108000 miles, and naturally it is also the representative of speed and efficiency. While WOOKONG NV7400 is located in Guofeng Chao, the flagship M.2 SSD, which focuses on high performance and large capacity, and complements the performance deficiency of the flagship e-sports platform.

The performance of the flagship soars to the sky

We know that the theoretical transmission bandwidth limit of PCIe 4.0x4 interface is 8000MB/s, while the fastest sequential read speed of NV7400 is 7450MB/s, the fastest sequential write speed is 6500MB/s, and the fastest random read and write speed can reach 1000K IOPS and 900K IOPS.

With such efficient data read and write performance, WOOKONG NV7400 can very quickly complete the startup of large-scale 3A games, loading and switching scenes. At the same time, it plays an important role in some heavy-duty applications, such as AI painting, post-video, 3D rendering and other professional fields.

Optimization of temperature control and continuous power

In the era of PCIe 4.0, how to control the temperature of the high speed M.2 SSD within a reasonable range is also challenging. If the heat dissipation is not done well, working at high temperature will not only reduce the performance of the SSD, but also affect the life of the hard disk.

WOOKONG NV7400 supports intelligent temperature control algorithm, which can adjust the working temperature of SSD dynamically. At the same time, the graphene heat dissipation patch with 1mm thickness has efficient heat conduction performance, which can quickly dissipate the high temperature of the chip, allowing SSD to maintain high performance and stable output under high load scenarios.

4TB super capacity is no longer anxious

In the era when games often occupy tens of gigabytes or even hundreds of gigabytes, not only the performance of SSD is fast enough, but also the space is large enough. WOOKONG NV7400 offers four sizes of 512GB / 1TB / 2TB / 4TB to choose from. Up to 4TB game can be saved as much as you want, without worrying about which one should be installed or which one should be deleted. And in terms of price, 4TB's NV7400 is also worthy of everyone's expectation.

A number of technologies are blessed to show high-energy magical powers.

NV7400 supports HMB memory buffering technology, intelligently calls idle memory to improve the data exchange speed between CPU and SSD, adopts SRAM fusion Smart Cache architecture, greatly improves the reading and writing speed with high-speed cache, and uses zip data compression technology to intelligently compress the data stream to make the transmission more stable and avoid dropping speed and disk. At the same time, built-in ECC data error correction technology, coupled with 4K LDPC high-order error correction algorithm, strong error correction ability significantly improve the stability and accuracy of data transmission, making data storage more secure and reliable.

Strong compatibility PS5 perfect partner

NV7400 uses the standard M.2 2280 single panel design, slim size, more space-saving, backward compatibility with PCIe 2280 interface, widely suitable for desktops, lightweight books, games and other devices.

At the same time, it is also a good choice for PS5 host upgrade. Not only the volume and space, but also the heat dissipation design meets the expansion requirements of PS5 host. The read and write speed of 7450 amp 6500 MB/ S far exceeds the M.2 SSD 5000MB/s requirement of PS5 host. And 4TB super-large space, for the PS5 host, a piece is enough to save more than 100 games, really solve the anxiety of storage space.

Rest assured that you can use quality assurance.

As one of the few listed companies in the domestic storage field, Baiwei has core technologies and capabilities, such as wafer media screening, controller firmware algorithm development, hardware and simulation design, advanced memory packaging and testing, and so on. At the same time, it operates the development, manufacture and sale of memory products of well-known brands such as HP, Acer and Predator.

Before leaving the factory, each NV7400 has to go through 300 hours of high temperature continuous read and write tests, 3000 abnormal power outage tests and 6000 sleep wake-up tests, so as to ensure the reliability of the quality of each SSD. Such as 4TB capacity write life up to 4000TBW, and provide 5-year limited warranty support, only replacement without repair, so that every user later use worry-free.

Baiwei Wukong WOOKONG NV7400 series of high-performance PCIe 4.0SSD will be launched online and offline channels on Christmas Day. Interested partners can continue to follow.

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