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Intel launched artificial intelligence innovation and application competition, join hands with Lenovo to gradually open a new era of AI PC!

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Shulou( Report--

On December 15, the core Ultra processor, which can be regarded as the biggest change in the history of Intel, officially launched a new era of AI PC. It is expected that hundreds of millions of PC will be on the fast track of AI in the next two years, which will refresh the entire industry.

In order to promote the popularization of AI and AI PC applications, Intel, as an industry leader, took great pains to launch the "AI PC acceleration Program" at the end of October this year to encourage AI application innovation, and quickly had more than 100 ISV software partners and more than 300 AI auxiliary functions.

Now, Intel has officially launched the AI Innovation Application Competition, which provides a platform for developers to show their ideas and results, and helps every developer seize the opportunities brought by generative AI.

Relying on software and hardware tools such as Core Ultra, the competition will help develop excellent Intel AI PC-based applications, so that every user can truly experience the productivity and entertainment experience changes brought about by AI PC.

The competition will help develop rich work, life and entertainment software such as artistic creation, music production, knowledge sharing and efficiency improvement in the form of competition platform, technical training and expert Q & A. so that everyone has the opportunity to become artists, painters, composers, directors, designers and so on.

In addition, Intel is promoting the rich resource interconnection between IHV hardware vendors, ISV software manufacturers, developers and Intel, including AI tool chain, joint development, hardware, design resources, technical expertise, joint marketing opportunities, etc., so that the whole chain of AI applications can prosper.

Intel AI Innovation Application Competition is divided into two parts: individual track and corporate track. The former is for individuals or teams, including AI developers, AI enthusiasts, data scientists, ML engineers, programmers, research scholars, school teachers and students, etc., while the latter is for enterprises, including medical, financial, retail, manufacturing and other fields.

The first, second and third prizes and a number of special prizes are set up in the competition, with a total prize of 525000 yuan.

Among them, 1 individual track first prize, 2 second prize, 3 third prize and 9 winning prize, with prizes of 300 million yuan, 15000 yuan, 10000 yuan and 5000 yuan respectively.

There are 1 first prize, 2 second prize, 3 third prize and 9 winning prize in the enterprise track, with prizes of 500 million yuan, 25000 yuan, 15000 yuan and 5000 yuan respectively.

In the special award, there are 5 outstanding innovation teams for individual track, each supporting bonus of 10000 yuan, and 5 outstanding start-up enterprises for enterprise track, each supporting bonus of 30000 yuan.

The Intel AI Innovation Competition has launched technical training, and officials provide detailed training materials.

Contestants can submit their preliminary entries before February 24, 2024, and the shortlist for the semi-finals will be announced on March 1.

The semi-finals will be submitted until April 15, and the finalists will be announced on April 22.

Finally, the offline defense and award ceremony were held on May 10-11.

Core Ultra is the first processor to integrate NPU AI engine, which has the advantages of high energy efficiency and low power consumption, and is suitable for long-running low-load AI reasoning work.

For example, long-term background blurring and human eye tracking in video conferencing. The addition of NPU can liberate CPU and GPU, thus giving the lightweight book a longer battery life, which officials say can save 38% of the energy.

NPU can also combine the new architecture of CPU, GPU for platform AI processing, and finally reach 34TOPS to meet the needs of AI computing power in different scenarios.

Among them, CPU is suitable for lightweight, low-latency single-pass AI reasoning, and GPU is suitable for AI applications that require high performance and high throughput, such as AIGC text or text graphics.

At the software level, Intel can unify the AI units of different underlying institutions together by providing a unified development framework, which is convenient for development and utilization.

AI PC, it's speeding up!

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