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Come to to participate in the Honor 90 GT "first step" plan to launch new products in advance.

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On December 21, Glory 90 GT and Glory tablet 9 were officially released. The price of Glory 90 GT starts at 2699 yuan, and the 12+256GB version offers a limited discount of RMB 2699 to RMB 2599, which will be officially put on sale at 10:08 on December 26th. The price of Glory tablet 9 starts at RMB 1599 and the limited time discount starts at RMB 100. from RMB 1499, it will officially go on sale at 10:08 on December 29th. It is worth mentioning that United glory to bring the "first step" plan, 2000 sets of spot fire ahead of time, the earliest press conference will be able to receive the new machine the next day. At present, has synchronously opened the pre-sale, participating in Glory 90 GT pre-sale can enjoy 6 periods of interest-free, 1 yuan lock 1-year broken screen insurance, limited gift of one person under the blind box, trade-in for new-up to a maximum subsidy of 1200 yuan, 180 days only replacement without repair; participate in the glory tablet 9 pre-sale can enjoy 3 periods of interest-free, while the first sale limited time gift 1-year delay guarantee, 1-year broken screen insurance, AM33 headphones, Tencent Video quarterly card, limited edition eye protection. has always cooperated deeply with Glory and other manufacturers, relying on strong supply chain advantages, through marketing co-creation, differentiated services, omni-channel capabilities, etc., to help the launch of new products, and at the same time bring new products to consumers at the same time. The Glory 90 GT is equipped with the flagship three-core, extraordinary frame painting engine and Glory Oasis eye screen to bring a better experience; the Glory tablet 9 is equipped with the first generation Snapdragon 6, 8300mAh battery and sitting posture monitoring function, in which the soft light screen can effectively reduce reflective glare, which is very suitable for learning or leisure use.

Glory 90 GT is equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, super frame unique display chip, self-developed RF enhancement chip C1, strong performance, using a new 3D ice-sealed cold drive heat dissipation system, high-performance lasting and stable release. Glory 90 GT is also equipped with a new extraordinary frame painting engine to enhance the experience from three dimensions: performance scheduling, image quality rendering and touch enhancement. At the same time, the first enhanced learning AI performance scheduling model and the first GPU+APU collaborative AI image quality enhancement algorithm take the game experience a step further. Glory 90 GT is equipped with large 5000mAh battery, supports 100W super fast charging, and has no worries about battery life. Glory 90 GT is equipped with Sony IMX906 flagship camera, equipped with OIS+EIS dual anti-shake, bringing a high-quality shooting experience.

Glory 90 GT is equipped with Glory Oasis eye screen, using 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming technology, through T Ü V Rheinland non-strobe certification to achieve zero risk dimming level, while supporting natural light protection, 360 °adaptive dimming, hardware-grade low blue light, sleep-aiding display function, and more eye protection. In terms of design, Glory 90 GT is inspired by the power source "engine" to create a performance engine lens design, bringing GT blue, burning rate gold, star accolade black three colors, at the same time as thin as 7.9mm, light to 185g, feel comfortable.

Glory tablet 9 is divided into standard version and soft light version. Glory tablet 9 is equipped with the first generation Snapdragon 6 mobile platform to ensure smooth use, full power of 8300mAh, 35W fast charging and no worries about battery power. Glory tablet 9 uses MagicOS 7.2.It supports multi-terminal synchronization and intelligent multi-window functions of Glory Notes, making it more convenient to use. For teenagers using tablet computers to learn scenes, Honor tablet 9 can use mobile phones to limit the duration of tablet viewing and accessible applications, parents are more at ease, there is sitting posture monitoring function to correct bad posture, while Honor Note App can also help teenagers quickly record inspiration.

In terms of screen, Glory Panel 9 has a soft light screen and a non-soft light screen, in which the soft light screen adopts AG glass etching technology to eliminate 98% of the environmental reflection light, which can effectively reduce the reflective glare. At the same time, it also has multiple eye protection technologies such as natural light protection. The Glory tablet 9 can be matched with a stylus and the unique rough surface of the soft light screen, which is suitable for writing and painting. In terms of sound, Glory flat 9 uses eight speakers around the layout, with self-developed two-way human voice enhancement, the experience of participating in online meetings is easier to use. In terms of design, Glory flat Panel 9 uses a mid-camera Deco design, taking both symmetrical and minimalist aesthetic strengths, bringing three colors: starry gray, azure and bathing white.

If you want to get a new phone or tablet, come to to participate in the pre-sale of Glory 90 GT and Yao tablet 9 to get more quality experience as soon as possible.

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