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Xiaomi launched the "Disney 100th Anniversary Limited Edition" strawberry bear zoom selfie stick, which sells for 149 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 (Xinhua)-- at the launch of Xiaomi's new products tonight, Xiaomi unveiled a "Disney 100th anniversary limited edition" strawberry bear zoom selfie stick, which sells for 149yuan.

The selfie stick, printed with a strawberry bear pattern, is equipped with a "custom plush storage bag", weighs 161 grams, is equipped with a separate Bluetooth remote control, has an aluminum alloy telescopic rod, and the bottom can be used as a "tripod".

The overall function of this selfie stick is not much different from the previous standard model, supporting "one-click remote zoom" and "one-click switching front and rear camera" two features.

The parameter information of the selfie stick attached to is as follows: Xiaomi zoom selfie stick "Disney 100th Anniversary Limited Edition" Strawberry Bear 149RMB direct link

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