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It has attracted more than 200 companies, including Baidu and Meituan, to participate, and the revenue officer of Huawei Hongmeng Ecological School held innovative training in Beijing.

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! December 22 news, Hongmeng Ecological School Innovation training Camp held its annual closing station in Beijing, which is the last and eighth Hongmeng ecological empowerment training in 2023, including Feishu, Sogou Input, QQ Book, Finance, Health, Automobile Home, Shell Housing, Lianjia, Today's Watermark camera, Flying Pig Travel, Barley and other more than 50 national enterprises more than 200 eco-technical partners participated in the training.

So far, Hongmeng Ecological School Innovation training Camp has attracted more than 1000 development engineers from more than 200 companies, including China Mobile, Baidu, Meituan, China Southern Airlines and, to participate in and obtain the "HarmonyOS Application developer Advanced Certification" certificate.

After 3 days of training, the technical partners successfully obtained the certificate of "Advanced Certification of HarmonyOS Application developer", which represents the ability to independently involve and develop HarmonyOS applications. noted that as of September this year, there had been more than 2.2 million Hongmeng developers and Hongmeng native apps were fully launched. Huawei has launched comprehensive cooperation with developers and partners in 18 fields, including games, social communications, travel navigation, business office, travel and accommodation, etc. So far, the number of Hongmeng ecological equipment has exceeded 700 million.

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