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For 30 years, Apple's Apple Store "Infinite Loop" store will be closed on January 20 next year.

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Thanks to netizen Aaron212 for the clue delivery!, December 22 (Xinhua)-- Apple announced today that it will close its "Apple Infinite Loop" retail store on January 20 next year, a 30-year-old Apple Store that opened in 1993. found that the "Apple Infinite Loop" retail store, originally known as "The Company Store" in Apple's early headquarters "Infinite Loop", mainly sells "visitor souvenirs" with Apple's Logo. After a renovation in 2015, the retail store began selling products such as iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch.

Many Apple fans on ▲ 's official website complained that the store was "too small." after the opening of Apple's new headquarters Apple Park in 2017, Apple moved its business of selling "visitor souvenirs" to a larger "visitor center" in Apple Park.

Apple claims that the "closure plan" of the "Apple Infinite Loop" retail store does not affect the normal work of employees in the "Infinite Loop" campus, but it is not known what Apple will do with the vacant stores.

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