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Chang'an Automobile has won the first batch of L3 self-driving licenses, and 17 L3 self-driving vehicles have passed the 34-day road test.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, Changan Automobile won 17 L3 self-driving road test licenses for high expressways on November 17, becoming the first company to obtain L3 self-driving test licenses for high expressways in a single batch.

As of December 21, 17 L3 self-driving vehicles of Changan have passed the 34-day road test., the official account of Tuyuan Changan Automobile (the same below), noted that Changan Automobile carried out L3 self-driving road tests on the Inner Ring Expressway in a specific area of Chongqing. The full-length 74.1km of this section covers complex scenes such as construction, long slopes, continuous bends, bridges, tunnels and ramps, with large traffic flow, up to 94000 vehicles per day in one-way section and 7300 vehicles per hour in peak flow.

The vehicle under the autopilot test license plate is a Deep Blue SL03, equipped with an L3 traffic congestion autopilot system and multi-sensor fusion technology, which claims to realize structured road single-lane traffic congestion autopilot, support automatic lane maintenance and automatic car following, automatically follow the track of the target car ahead, and use a driver status monitoring camera to ensure that the driver can maintain a state of takeover.

It is worth mentioning that the L3 level autopilot function is only carried in the test vehicle, not equipped with a real car, does not mean that the real car carrying commitment.

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