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Beeper Mini made another move to generate Apple iMessage credentials using jailbreak iPhone.

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, Beeper Mini is a so-called completely reverse iMessage communication protocol Android IM application, Allow Android users to get "iMessage blue bubble chat experience," Since the launch of the application, And Apple has launched a "tug of war," Repeated "Block" And again "Revival."

Beeper Mini was blocked again by Apple on December 17, after which Beeper Mini development team Beeper asked users to use Apple Mac or macOS virtual machines, install Beeper Cloud applications and generate "their own iMessage credentials."

And today, the Beeper development team announced the launch of a Beeper App for jailbroken iOS devices to facilitate the generation of iMessage credentials for "macOS disabled users." notes that the Beeper development team also claims to "no longer play cat-and-mouse games with Apple" and that the development team will give up updating Beeper Mini if all the solutions proposed now are restricted by Apple in the future.

Beeper Mini will once again allow Apple iMessages to be sent and received, now requiring users to use macOS to generate credentials

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