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Tesla suffered a "license plate blockade" in Sweden, and her appeal was rejected by the court.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 (Reuters)-the Swedish Court of Appeal rejected Tesla's request to force postal company PostNord (Sweden Post) to provide license plates, ruling that PostNord does not need to provide license plates to Tesla for the time being.

However, although PostNord workers refused to deliver license plates for Tesla, Swedish media reported that Tesla had found a way to bypass the union and asked car buyers to order their own license plates. previously reported that Tesla fought with the Swedish Labor Organization, and IF Metall launched a mechanical workers' strike on October 27, refusing to provide services to Tesla because it did not accept collective bargaining.

On November 20, PostNord workers went on strike, forcing Tesla to sign a collective bargaining agreement for Swedish mechanical workers. The transport department refused to deliver the license plate by other means, saying that PostNord must be used under the contract.

Gabriela Gabriella Lavecchia, chairman of the union Seko, emailed the ruling: "it is gratifying that the Court of Appeal has come to the only reasonable conclusion that the constitutionally protected right to strike takes precedence over the interests of Tesla."

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