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MSI launches black-and-white blade chassis: 270mm blade 176; side penetration / support back plug motherboard, starting from 469 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, MSI's new black and white blade chassis is now on the shelves, black version 469 yuan, white version 499 yuan.

The introduction of the black-and-white blade chassis launched by finishing MSI is as follows:

This series chassis adopts 270° side penetration design, supports M-ATX motherboard back insertion motherboard, radiator height limit 175mm, graphics card length limit 390mm, power supply length limit 200mm.

In terms of details, this chassis is equipped with magnetic dust screen, integrated power key jumper, 90-degree bend front USB jumper design, graphics card bracket. MSI black blade black computer mainframe glass side through chassis 469RMB direct link Weixing white bladed white computer mainframe glass side through chassis 499RMB direct link

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