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Oriental selection: in view of the recent public opinion storm, Sun Dongxu resigned as a non-executive director of the company.

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Thanks to netizen SpongeBob picked up, lemon_meta, all the same clue delivery! December 22 news, Oriental Selection Holdings issued an announcement, announced that Sun Dongxu has resigned as a non-executive director of the company, effective immediately. Sun Dongxu's resignation was due to his mismanagement of the Company's brand and reputation in view of the recent public opinion storm. The Board considers that Sun Dongxu's resignation will better safeguard the interests of the shareholders of the Company.

At the same time, Oriental Selection Holdings announced the board members:

Executive Director

Yu minhong

Yin Qiang

non-executive director

sun Chang

independent non-executive directors

Lin Zheying

Dong Ruibao

Kwong Wai Shun

Oriental selection of "small composition" storm has come to an end, New Oriental Education Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. appointed Dong Yuhui as Chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group Cultural Assistant, concurrently serving as Vice President of New Oriental Cultural Travel Group.

Previously on

On December 8, under the video of "Jilin trip" selected in the east, the editor put a comment on the answer of "who wrote the propaganda copy," saying that "every time a small composition is made, the anchor is in front of the camera, behind which are the small partners of the copywriting team, shooting team and editing team. Only when we cooperate can we have a special small composition. "This top-of-the-line remark has aroused dissatisfaction among some fans of Dong Yuhui. Some fans believe that this is a denial of Dong Yuhui's contribution to Oriental selection.

On December 12, Sun Dongxu, CEO of Oriental Selection, responded during the live broadcast that he should first criticize the small editor team for emotional work and inappropriate communication methods. Dong Yuhui's mood was affected, so he decided temporarily not to broadcast live on the 10th.

In the early morning of December 13, Dong Yuhui sent a long article in response to the "small composition" incident. He said, Oriental selection held provincial special session of these "small composition" copy, Some directly written by themselves, Such as Xi'an field, Inner Mongolia field; Also have their own to small editor to provide ideas and suggestions, They record back to create, Later both sides discuss modification, Finally formed; There are small editor according to their own ideas written, If they feel satisfied, Will not change or less change. Dong Yuhui also stressed that he opposes the culture of rice circle and stigmatizes anyone in the name of "rice circle."

On December 14, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, released a video statement on social platforms in response to recent small composition storms. Yu Minhong mentioned in the video: Originally a small matter within the company, because of improper handling into surging public opinion. Xiao Bian's practice is seriously lacking in professionalism, which also shows that there are big loopholes in the company's management. Yu Minhong also mentioned that he did not think there was any rice circle culture in Oriental selection, but also resolutely resisted rice circle culture.

At noon on December 14, an internal chat log showed that Yu Minhong is currently facing a two-choice situation between CEO Sun Dongxu and anchor Dong Yuhui. Later, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, denied that CEO Dong Yuhui chose one out of two, saying,"Nothing, it's not so serious." "

On the evening of December 14, Oriental Selection CEO Sun Dongxu released an apology video

On the morning of December 16, the official account of Dongfang Selection issued a notice of appointment and dismissal of personnel, announcing that Yu Minhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, concurrently served as CEO of Dongfang Selection upon the decision of Dongfang Selection Board of Directors, and removed Sun Dongxu from the posts of Executive Director and CEO of Dongfang Selection, effective immediately.

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Sun Dongxu was removed from the post of executive director and CEO of Dongfang Selection, and Yu Minhong will concurrently serve as CEO.

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