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The game "on the eve of catastrophe" announced that it would stop service on January 22 next year, and players would get a full refund.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 (Xinhua)-- Eve of Holocaust, a zombie survival game created by Fntastic, was officially released on December 7. has previously reported that Fntastic Studios announced its closure four days after the game was released due to "widespread poor reviews."

Today, the official account of "on the eve of havoc" posted an announcement on the X platform, announcing that the game will be suspended on January 22 next year, and investor Mytona will provide a "no threshold full refund" service for all players who have bought the game.

According to 's previous report, the foreign media Yahoo News found that the offices registered by Fntastic Studio were all "false addresses" after a visit, and considering that the company actually had S $1.321 million (about 7.0787 million yuan) in its financial report, foreign media thought that Fntastic Studio was ready to defraud investors from the very beginning, that no money was in charge of the game "pure alibi", and that running away with money was the real intention.

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