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Science and technology last night this morning 1223: national Press and publication Administration: online games are not allowed to set the first charge and other inductive awards; Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear limited edition model released; a new

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Hello, everyone. It is Saturday, December 23, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. The State Press and publication Administration: online games shall not set up inductive rewards such as daily login and first charge, and live broadcasts shall not be highly rewarded. The State Press and publication Administration issued the measures for the Administration of online Games (draft draft for soliciting opinions) on December 22, now soliciting opinions from the public. It is mentioned in the document that online games are not allowed to set inductive rewards such as daily login, first recharge and continuous recharge. The publishing and operating units of online games shall not provide or connive at the high-priced trading of virtual props in the form of hype, auction, etc. > > View details

2. Just after the age of 18, the "juvenile hacker" was arrested: the leak of "GTA 6" was sentenced to life in the hospital. According to BBC in the early morning of December 22, Beijing time, the hacker Arion Kurtaj who hacked into R Star leaked the source code of "GTA 6" was sentenced to lifelong hospital care (indefinite hospital order) by the court, unless the doctor thought he was no longer a threat.

The hacker, who is autistic, was only 17 years old when he was arrested in the UK last year and is a member of the international hacker group LAPSU$, the report said. The gang has launched attacks on Uber, NVIDIA, R Star and other companies, causing tens of millions of dollars in losses. > > View details

3. Alibaba's global headquarters has been completed in Hangzhou and is expected to be put into use next year. According to KuaiBao, the Alibaba global headquarters project in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City has been basically completed and is expected to be officially put into use in 2024. > > View details

4. Ideal car responds to the L7 traffic accident in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province: the vehicle has not been turned on to assist driving and will provide all necessary data and information. Ideal car issued an announcement at noon on December 22, responding to the serious traffic accident of ideal L7 in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. When a collision occurs, the vehicle triggers the on-board emergency alarm call system, and the staff rushed to the scene to support it as soon as there was no feedback from the users.

At present, the relevant departments have sealed off the scene of the accident for investigation and handling. We will cooperate with the police to provide all necessary data in order to restore the full picture of the accident as soon as possible, and at the same time provide necessary support to the families of car owners. > > View details

5. A new batch of 40 imported game version numbers were announced. "Horizon: the desperate situation of the West" and "Boxing King 15" were approved. The State Press and publication Administration announced a new batch of imported game version numbers on December 22, and 40 new games were approved. Well-known games such as Horizon: the desperate World of the West, Jianling 2, marching into the dungeon, Boxing King 15, and installation Simulator won the version number. > > View details

6. Musk's dream of "super high-speed rail" is shattered. Hyperloop One announces the collapse of Musk's dream of super high-speed rail. Hyperloop One (formerly Virgin Hyperloop) is selling its assets, firing remaining employees and preparing to close by the end of 2023. > > View details

7. Tesla Shanghai new super factory project launched, officials once called "milestone project" according to Xinhua News Agency, Tesla announced the official launch of a new large-scale factory project in Shanghai with an annual production capacity of 10,000 Megapack fixed battery stores. > > View details

8. Selis released the situation of the rear-end collision of the M9 bus: the driver's intervention led to the withdrawal of the intelligent driver, which caused the accident. The official account of the user service of Selis explained the situation of the "first collision" of the M9 on the evening of December 21. Officials say the vehicle was in a state of intelligent driving before the collision, and the driver intervened while driving, resulting in a rear-end collision caused by the withdrawal of the intelligent driver. No one was injured in the accident, and the driver has also completed the handling work with the traffic police.

Selis said that in the driving state, the human driving authority is always higher than the intelligent driving system, and called on users to pay attention to travel safety. > > View details

9. Oriental selection: in view of the recent public opinion storm, Sun Dongxu resigned as the company's non-executive director Oriental selection Holdings issued an announcement announcing that Sun Dongxu has resigned as a non-executive director of the company, effective immediately. Sun Dongxu resigned due to his poor management of the company's brand and reputation in view of the recent public opinion storm. The board of directors believes that Sun Dongxu's resignation will better safeguard the interests of the company's shareholders. > > View details

10. Millet Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition release: Tianji 8200-Ultra, 3D relief craft, 12+512GB sells for 2799 yuan Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition is officially released, 12+512GB sells for 2799 yuan (including gift box, only one version).

Disney strawberry bear phone box: millet Civi 3 Disney 100th anniversary limited edition, custom pin, transparent mobile phone protection case, custom sticker, identity card.

Disney Strawberry Bear set (with gift box): custom phone protection case, custom magnetic bracket (exclusive strawberry aroma), custom phone pendant.

The machine is equipped with Tianji 8200-Ultra chip + LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory to enhance Xiaomi's image brain. Officials say the portrait speed is increased by 35%, the night scene speed is increased by 57%, the HDR speed is increased by 153%, and the continuous shooting speed is increased by up to 235%. The built-in 4500mAh lithium cobalt acid battery supports 67W fast charging. > > View details

11. A huge shock in the circle of soliciting comments on game rectification and reform: NetEase's share price fell by nearly 30%, and Tencent fell by more than 15% earlier on December 22. The State Press and publication Administration issued the "measures for the Administration of online Games (draft for soliciting opinions)" which mentioned that online games should not set inductive rewards such as daily login, first recharge and continuous recharge, and all online games must set a user recharge limit.

As soon as the above news was released, it caused a "huge shock" in the game industry in the afternoon of December 2: Hong Kong game stocks fell further in the afternoon, with Tencent falling more than 15 per cent and NetEase falling nearly 30 per cent, setting a record for the biggest intraday decline. > > View details

12. Tencent QQ launch 2023Annual report: take a look at the friend who chatted with you most this year. Tencent QQ recently launched the 2023Annual report. Users can type "Annual report" in the App search box to get it. > > View details

That's all for today. Technology last night and this morning, I'll see you next week.

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